Renee-9680Renee is an open-hearted and full-energy personality – she is a psychic life coach, educator, group facilitator, walker of life, traveler, wife, mother, and student. She works with people like you, Wild-Hearted people who are looking for those puzzle-pieces to complete their heart’s desires. Renee is here to support and guide in finding all of these pieces, making your picture perfect. Being a globetrotter for over 16 years gave her an open-minded & flexible attitude towards life. As an intuitive, she sees the possibilities in people before they have noticed it themselves. She loves the idea that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we need or want to.


Really, a life coach! What the heck is that?

Really, a life coach! What the heck is that?

Even after six years of coaching, I still get that question. It is a darn time I write something down about this, as I guess this will be helpful. The best step is to have clear communication in life, so being a coach in this area, it means I need to be clear as well.

I spent two years studying with the Internation Coach Academy in 2009 – 2011 to become a certified  Advanced Life Coach.  Even as we begun the training, I was still saying to myself, “what is a life coach and do you need to have your life 100% perfect to be one?”  Luckily for everyone, you don’t!  What I gained during this course was so much more than a certificate to add to my resume.  It was a truly life changing experience.

I came about this course after doing my Reiki level one and two certificates. It became very apparent to me that helping other helping with their emotions was something that came naturally to me.  I struggled so much myself with my feelings. During my life, I have told in so many different ways that my feelings were not okay. It was not the way to be or behave; it made sure that I never felt at home or to be part of anything. Every day I struggled with a feeling of not being enough or not being worthy of good grades, being beautiful, being powerful. The part that I experience life different did not matter to the people around me. I was different and that my surroundings could not handle this.

life-coachingMoving around the world felt like, to that point, as a blessing. Because it made sure that I didn’t have to deal with anything that was related to dealing with my feelings. It felt like I could start over again with every move. I had to learn the hard way, which not dealing with your emotions is living with a ticking bomb. My bomb was ticking loud and very fast.

As I had to make sense out it all, I joined the International Coaching Academy. People are so kind at ICA, and although all the classes are all done via online learning, I felt so supported and so safe. Finding a place where I learned how to make sense of everything that was happing in my mind and the life I had created doing so. The training is in-depth, and it gives you these incredible tools to work with your coaching sessions, but also in your day to day life. My life coaching course became my stepping stone. That is why I love it so much. Being a coach gives me the opportunity to be someone cheerleader, facilitate space to explore and to create from the heart indeed. Being a coach there is an equal bond between 2 people that come from love and no hidden agendas, but a shared goal to reach. This process makes coaching so incredible and magical in every session. I as a coach make my clients accountable for what they would like to create or reach. It has the support that makes you step out on the stage and do it.

I do hope I have made you curious now. Are you ready to have a go at it? I would love to have a session with you. Click here to book a completely free session and trust me no hidden agenda’s


Much Love,




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