Renee-9680Renee is an open-hearted and full-energy personality – she is a psychic life coach, educator, group facilitator, walker of life, traveler, wife, mother, and student. She works with people like you, Wild-Hearted people who are looking for those puzzle-pieces to complete their heart’s desires. Renee is here to support and guide in finding all of these pieces, making your picture perfect. Being a globetrotter for over 16 years gave her an open-minded & flexible attitude towards life. As an intuitive, she sees the possibilities in people before they have noticed it themselves. She loves the idea that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we need or want to.


The solution in your New Years resolution

This year is going to be fantastic. Right? Don’t tell me you got yourself tangled up with all your new year’s resolutions? Listen. It’s time. It is 2017.

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Creating new goals is great, it gives us the opportunity to start dreaming big. There is no reason to stress about it at all; let us be honest it is not only about the resolutions we set ourselves. It is about the journey that we are taking here. The great thing here is that we can fine tune our goals. The new year’s resolution is only the beginning. As we all know, we need time to dream bigger. We need time to get align with our new year’s resolutions. They seem so far away. There is still 11 more month to come. Isn’t that wonderful, no reason to get tangled up with anything.

The only thing that is important at this time is to create an environment where we can create more and better goals to reach. You know what the best creator is of your space is adding your senses to your creative process. Over the centuries smell has been a great catalyser for the creative process. These are my favourites:

Gratitude™—is a soothing blend of essential oils created to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude.

Awaken™—is an exciting combination of several essential oil blends that helps bring about inner awareness and awakening. A real understanding of yourself created environment towards making successful changes and desirable transitions. This combination may help you progress toward your highest potential.

Abundance™—An excellent essential oil mainly created to manifest. The powerful blend creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to the positive energy we attract to ourselves by focusing on it. Abundance, therefore, opens us to a wealth of possibilities.

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  “Expectations are resentments under construction” – Anne Lamott After having the worst and best year of my life in 2016, it hit me that we are mid-way through November; the beginning of the big season – the family holiday season.  I found myself on the floor, flat faced more than once this year. I […]

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Really, a life coach! What the heck is that?

Really, a life coach! What the heck is that? Even after six years of coaching, I still get that question. It is a darn time I write something down about this, as I guess this will be helpful. The best step is to have clear communication in life, so being a coach in this area, […]

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Yes, I am sure!

Yes, I am sure! I don’t want it. It is all yours, you’ve created it and loved it. It has nothing to do with me. I kindly decline. It starts to become very apparent to me, that more and more we try to give our story to our close one, the way we think we […]

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I’m in love! This love is called Raven.

It’s official, I am in love with the most amazing essential oil possitble. I bought this oil, just because I loved the name. As my passion for the amazing bird Raven is also a big part of my life. They bring magic into the world, not quite sure why this feels so strong to me. […]

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