Welcome to my website. I am grateful you are here because I already know you are ready to start dreaming big. This is just the beginning.

As an intuition coach,  I work with spirited, soulful clients with big wildfire dreams.  We all have goals that are so strong that they wake us up in the middle of the night. 

And yet, even though there are moments of deep connection, beauty and heart, you have somehow filled it to the brim of “things you should do”, rather than with the things you know would really nourish you. 

We move through our day, always beginning our morning with the best of intentions – maybe a little pilates and meditation before the crazy rush sets in. But all your effort feels like it just drains from you as you make it just in time to work where you will likely be spending yet another day staring into your computer screen.

It feels like you are skimming the surface of life without really going deep into what it means to feel alive and to feel like you are truly connected to what it is that you want to do.

And every time you do something that doesn’t feel completely fulfilling, this stirring nudges wants you to take a step towards it.

I want to meet you and get you on the right track! So let’s get this organised. Book your session right now.