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A little bit more intuition

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.  ~Author Unknown


This week I really would like to add more of the intuitive to my blog.  For a long time I wondered how would I be able to do this. So from today I would like to send you a message for the weekend. This will be a good opportunity for my to get out of my own comfort zone.  To kick start your weekend and give it a little bit more attention for you at the same time.

The best time entering into the weekend is that there is no have to or deadline lurking around the corner.  It is time for us to calm down and recharge our battery’s.  So what is the best thing to start doing right now.  It is with paying attention to our breathing.  Give your breath a little bit more attention over this coming weekend. Take a couple of deep breaths during the day and have a break of what you are doing at that moment. Just follow your own breath. What is it telling you?  Is it a calm breath or a having fun during sport breath or …..?  Listen to it and truly feel yourself breathing.  As we know breathing is the most important activity we do all day.  By giving this more attention it will give a lot back to us as well.  Breathing will give us a change to really be in the moment.  This way you can sense, smell, feel where you are. These are the moment that we are collecting our memories. The smell of fresh bread in the morning can give you an instant holiday feeling. The warmth of the sun can recharge you and slow us down for the day. By taking a step back and breath it gives us a change to really notice these extra’s.  But breathing will give us back a lot more;  instantly it will lower the stress levels in our body, it will lower our blood pressure and the sum of this will be a complete relaxation.  This will give even more enjoyment of the moment and of course exactly what we are looking for in a weekend.


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