Animals & Humans Soul contracts

iStock_000017380158_Small-440x300Soul Contract Intuitive, Animals Intuitive and Intuitive Coach, Danielle MacKinnon was recently named one of Bob Olson’s “Top 10 Best Psychic Mediums.” Using Soul Contracts as a foundation, she offers a fresh perspective on working deeply with pets, relationships, developing intuition, and spiritual growth.
Intensely connected to the animal kingdom, Danielle communicates with pets and their humans effortlessly. She uses her skills to help animals and their people better understand one another while working toward a common goal: happiness. Her particular gift is in revealing the Soul Contract between pet and human which, once determined, can open the door to a more fulfilling, more balanced and happier relationship.
Armed with the belief that grounding and clarity lead the way to soul-level peace, Danielle facilitates and inspires evolution within each of her clients. Her unique method enlightens, enlivens and excites her clients as they use her insight to make lasting, positive change in their lives. Danielle’s Soul Contract readings have assisted many in understanding the “why” behind their troubled relationships — and when armed with the “why” the “how” becomes illuminated as well.



So, how can humans tap into an animal’s innate intuitive language?

Through images!

Animals are very visual beings. Their intuitive sight is so strong that, not only can they send images to one another, but they can also see the pictures we hold in our head as we speak!

Learning this should open up a whole new avenue of communication with your pet. For example, when you’re going to be late, just imagine “sending” an image of a clock to your dog that depicts when you’ll be home. Or when you want your cat to meet your new boyfriend, imagine “sending” her an image of your boyfriend sitting on the floor playing happily with her or of you looking lovingly into your boyfriend’s eyes. Easy right?

Give this a try with your pet today. Send your horse an image of his new saddle or tell your turtle you love her by sending her a picture of a big heart. Yes, it’s that easy!

And no need to worry! Animals are always tapping in to their humans, so you can’t mis-send an image. Your pet will know, innately, exactly how to pick it up!

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