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Becoming more connected again

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”~Buddha

With imagination anything is possible

It has been a strange 2 weeks. I really got into a rhythm with my exercises.  They are part of my day.  This is the start of my routine, the way to get an overview of where I am that day.  This is something I was looking for.  Just a moment to really get ready for what ever it is necessary during my day and to have a moment to myself.  The feeling that I’m behind schedule is gone, because the schedule is not taking over any more.  It is never certain that this is the reason that my life is just getting a lot easier.  But I’m a big believer that is helps a lot.  The amount of thoughts going thru my mind didn’t get heavier nor more; they are even became less and lighter.  With the acknowledgement of these idea’s, options and emotions it really calms it all down after a while.  We all know that these thoughts are there, we all struggle with them, so why ignore these thoughts or even worse why do we give them so must value?  For some reason we find it necessary to think all the different kind of thoughts.  It is our chatterbox and to be honest it is not all bad what she has to say, but maybe a little less would be nice.  Try to find a way to turn down the volume and just let it be in the background like the radio.  If something important comes by you always you can turn up the volume again.

The other thing I really would like to share with you is the part of the energy or for me the warmth it has given back to me.  Feeling and sensing the different energy going around has always fascinated me. From the time I was a little girl, I could feel the different temperatures around people, animals and plants.  Sometimes I really enjoyed being with some one or at a special place, even if I didn’t really know this person nor why.  Just that it felt calming and warm.  It has been very natural for me, but has lost the connection for long time.  It turned out to be strange to go about life like this at a certain age.  Now working with my clients it is beautiful tool to feel the areas and the different temperatures.  I know instantly were to go and work. Even if the client thinks I’m working on the wrong area of the ailments.  Working with these exercises has been a wonderful way to feel it in my own body again.  My hip area has been glowing and my body is warm.  I never was overheated or extremely hot.  The energy level did go up a bit, but not to some extend that I had more energy and was able to do lots more.  Saying this, I did realize that there is just not more time in the day to go around. We do already so much in a day.  Have a look around at your schedule?  I wonder if we are all able to enjoy everything that is written down there.  Of course we all feel that what needs to be done, needs to be done, but really is it all your responsibility?

It was really worthwhile to assign myself to this challenge.  It has given me a great insight to what it is I do during the day.  Where do I give the most of my energy too and what is just not getting enough. We can look at ourselves as gardeners.  In a garden we need to water and feed everything so it can grow into our special garden.  Otherwise it will have great difficulties flourishing.  For weed it is easy to grown, because that is in our garden on its own accord.  The beautiful flowers we like to see in our garden and also the plants that feed and nourish us need to be present.  What is it that you would like to grown in your garden?


  • Lloyd Sevigny

    I have been experiencing some dips in my consciousness levels. Today I am feeling angry, inert, disappointed and somewhat depressed, all for no reason of which I am aware. At two p.m. I felt tired and lay down and about an hour later my son came into my house (he lives next door and we have a “come as you wish” agreement and I awoke and muttered to him “I’m in a bad mood” and fell back to sleep. I just got up off of the bed now,- four forty-five, and usually I am ravenous but I am thirsty and not at all hungry. I have been studying a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti, the essence of which ids escaping me and I am feeling spiritually confused. One thing that helps me a lot is a video with which I work out called the way of Qi Gong, Bone Marrow Cleansing. The video is produced by a very powerful young Shaolin Monk and usually takes me an hour and at the end of it I do feel recharged but it leaves me within an hour. As I approach my seventieth year and having had open-heart surgery 6 months ago, I am also experiencing less energy. My mental level is functioning well and I never feel “my age”, I read a lot and do a fair amount of healthy activity. I like to shop as much as my budget permits which is under a bit of strain right now. I have no real reason to be writing this and I suppose I am merely “sharing/venting”. Thanks to any of you who read this. Sat Nam

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