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Being a novice is a humble experience

Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life. ~ Nicolas Chamfort


Being a novice is a combination of many senses.  Stepping into the world of the world wide web has been a real challenge for me.  It sounds of course great that I would like to set up my own coaching company and give reading session via the phone.  This makes complete sense living the expat life style.  My home changes every 3 to 4 years.  We move countries and continents, this is very normal for us gypsy’s and we love talking about all our adventures.  To be a guest all over the world has given me an opportunity to learn so much from other cultures.  To be able to find your way around again, make the new house a home and find the food to cook diner with.  Learn new languages and yes this includes all the different forms of English there is in this world.  This has been of course great value with my coaching, but also with my readings.  To learn to understand what I see and sense is learning a completely new language.

Of course this sounds great if you talk about it with loved ones and my expat family, but to introduce me as a coach to the world has been completely new.  It feels excited and alien at the same time.  It gives traveling a complete new meaning to me personally.  During this journey I have “met” wonderful people and I truly feel connected with them.  Now comes the difficult part, how to introduce myself as a skilled intuitive!  It gives me a chance to talk to you all, thru Facebook, twitter and my blog!  The best will be of course to be part of your journey to reach the goals you would like to reach.  There is are a lot of part in your life where this intuitive can assist you and of course where this coach will learn as well! While writing this blog it is publicized without me realizing.  So there is a group of you who is reading my work in process as we speak.  So please come back to read the whole story!  I would love to hear from you, what is it you need to book a session with me your intuitive coach? Maybe we can learn together as a true novice.

Still this leaves me with introducing myself to you. How do you find me? Did you find me on my facebook and twitter account?  The other choice I made was to introduce myself as a skilled coach is to join ICA, so that I’m able to join my colleqa’s in the world. This will give you some kind of commitment from me to you that I’m willing to invest in your future to have the best of the best. This is of course what you are looking for when you are on a cross road and this is what you deserve. When you like to make a change in your health you start looking for a good doctor. This is what trained coaches offer you. It feels wonderful to join other coaches over the world and give the same support you!

Okay, last week I have tried something new. A different way to introduce myself out there. So please click on the link here and listen to my first interview! I would love to hear from you and connect with you. Being a novice is a humble experience and I really like to learn how to connect with you in the best way possible.

ICA Summit With Renee Vos de Wael By Coach Andrew

To sum up what I have been trying to write in so many words is that I feel blessed and humble to share my gift with you. To be healer in this world is not also easy and people look at us with differently. We don’t always fit in the conventual boxes and that is complete fine! The thing to learn for me is how to get out there and let you know I am here, only one call away.

Namaste Renée

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  • intuitiveone

    Renee, I know exactly how you feel. I have been going through the same thought process. I have no doubt of your continued success.


    Hi Renee, thank you for sharing your feelings with us, as a coach we get a lot of information about processes and systems and how to run our coaching business, we know emotional intelligence and share it with our clients. My biggest questions this post brings to mind are: Was it worth it? How did the experience stretch you to grow? Did the experience speak to your soul perspective? Lastly, did you open up any new opportunities or possibilities in your mind by stretching yourself this way?


    Hi Renee, thank you for sharing your experience, we as coaches often get advice, or tips but rarely get the feelings, or emotions of bloggers. This was refreshing. It does pose some questions though. Would you do it again? How did stretching yourself and putting yourself out there personally help you in your awareness of confidence? Was it worth it to you to grow in this way? Lastly, how has what you have learned helped you grow as a coach for your clients?

  • Rise' (Resa)

    Yes – It sounds like you’re doing all the right things and putting yourself in the right places. This is a very slick looking blog site so it seems like you’ve made a good choice and have a good eye (classy).

    I find it helpful to write articles for ezinearticles.com. This reaches a whole new auidience that is not always found on spiritual sites and FBoook. Beyond that I have no suggestions. Your energy is beautiful and your heart’s in the right place – you cant loose! Good Luck Renée!

  • Grant A. Watson

    Hey there Renee, Your getting out there just fine. I sit on the edge of my mountain with the most spectacular veiw and listen to your words and it reminds me of my journey to this point. As an intuitive healer and channel for over 35years, the getting out there for me has been in the hands of my support team and the growth of myself throught those I assist, has also been assisted in its depths and variables by my Spiritual guidence. What I am saying is, clear intention to humbly help your fellow journeyer’s reach their full hearted expression is number one, the rest is, I have found, often a divine plan and many aspect need to be organised by the collective universal ebb and flow for the doors to be open. God’s plan not mine is something that took me a great many years to let go and begin to walk through open doors and not stand there knocking to gain entry where I was not ment to be. Humble is, letting go and really co-creating, for me. Keep it going just the way you are…:)

  • thesuccesswizard

    Thanks for sharing Renee. We all have our individual and collective journeys and while we’re empowered and inspired by our own passion and vision of a better life, we can feel deflated at times when what we believe to be life-enriching interaction, can take a great deal of time before others being embraced by others.

    We are all enlightened at different times. Our journeys can take us to some awesome places: Our dreams, visions, imagination and determination take us to truly breath-taking destinations and often we have to travel those paths on our own. While we hold dear to our inner loving thoughts with the desire to share truly life changing information with others, they will step into the sunlight of opportunity only when they are ready to do so: Many never reach that point and its here we delve into the eye-opening areas of life and afterlife.

    The doors to opportunity open at different time for each of us depending upon where we are in our journey of life and how we beckon. The impact we have on others is ordained by the Universe. Therefore, as long as we do our best and wish only good things for others, we will draw to our lives those who are in need of what we have to offer (and are ready to step from their comfort zones and embrace it) and also, those who can offer us, what we need to continue the spiritual and emotional growth process.

    No amount of wanting, wishing and hoping will bring to us those who are not ready for what we hold dear. However, with a positive attitude we are as magnets as we draw to us, those who have the information we require to move forward on our journeys.

    As long as you continue to open your heart to others, you will continue to attract those who are in need of what you offer and those who resonate with you and your destiny. Don’t be discouraged because when you have an open heart and mind, there is no such thing as failure. Each setback and obstacle; disappointment and heartache you experience acts as a lesson in life and builds your resolve to succeed. You enrich your life with every positive thought you have and aspect of yourself you share selflessly with others.

    Let the journey continue.

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you every continuing success on your journey.

    Much warmth,


  • Joyful Growth Coach Sandra Seibert

    Hi Renee, what I like to focus on is: don’t let yourself be intimidated by obstacles. Focus on what you love to do. When there are love and inspiration, you won’t fail!
    Renee, your intution is your most valuable gift. Use it and trust your inner wisdom. It will lead you exactly where you are needed. I am on the same path as you are and love your post!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Yes, to trust is not always easy. The last few weeks it has been an enormous learning curve. It is great, but now I need to find a way to keep up.:). It is great to be part of one another journey. Namaste Renee

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for sharing Renee. I feel this way too. Helping many and sometimes I am intimidated. Focus on what I Love to do! Thank you Sandra, this is exactly where I am now. Love, Light and Happiness.

  • thesuccesswizard

    Hi Renee.

    When you don’t fit in (or at least don’t feel as if you fit snugly into the jigsaw of life), but continue to do your best for others in the most humble but uplifting way, it opens your pathways to even greater blessings.

    The fact you feel different, means you probably are – in the way you look at the world and view circumstances and opportunities – and that is an awesome gift. When we feel on the fringes and alone, we have room to build our confidence and our hearts. I’m convinced we are never given more that we can handle.

    As the obstacles rise to meet us and we subsequently overcome them, we grow stronger and more resilient. We continue to attract to us, those who need our help and those whom we need to assist our own growth and development.

    You’re on an incredible journey and I know for a fact, you’re not alone Renee. Keep going and never give up. You deserve great things in your life.



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