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Let’s Check our Energy. The powerful thing with starting a new year is that we feel that we have the power of choice. That magical new number brings us time to reflect and to look back to what has been. Great sessie of blogs my Sarah Jensen, I was invite as a guest as well for her New Years Revolution.

Reflection is very interesting, because all of a sudden we have time to see what we’ve been doing in a rush, on auto pilot or simply to please others.

If we always have good reasons why we do these things, then the new year becomes magical and we start making lists and resolutions to do it all different. How powerful is that!

To share my humble tip for inviting more health and wellness into your life in 2015, I would love to talk about energy levels.

Too often, we’re using too much of it. For some reason, we think that we can just keep using it without checking if there is still enough to go around.

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In the beginning, the symptoms are easy to ignore, but there’s a moment that your body and mind say, NO MORE.

Sadly, it happens too often and we let things that are important to us or make us happy slip out of our lives.




So my tip is “check your energy statement”.

The best way to do this:

1. Check in with yourself before committing to anything

Take your time when saying yes or no.

When you start practising this, you’re creating space for yourself.

Sometimes it is easier to say yes straight away, but if you don’t really have the time or energy to commit, then this means you need to say no to something that would give you even more energy. Or you end up doing 2, 3 or even 4 things quickly, rushing through the day.

This is not anything to your day. However, you know the terrible thing is that you are attacking your health. This is slowly, in the background, falling apart and you’re not even noticing it happen.

By committing to check in with yourself, in those few moments, you’re making sure that you stay healthy.

2. Create rituals for yourself

Rituals are so important, they create space and rest moments in your day.

The beautiful thing with a ritual is that you know this will come by every day at the same time and it is there for you to completely enjoy.

For example, if one of your rituals is a morning run, this means that you will start work a little bit later or get up a bit earlier than normal. But the big plus is that it gives your body some time to wake up and get active.

You will have time for yourself to get your thoughts in order.

The most important thing with rituals is that it is something that is all yours, your time and your commitment.

3. Create a positive dialogue with yourself

The way we look at anything is in the way we think.

To be able to really enjoy your day it’s very important to have a healthy dialogue with yourself.

I’m not only talking about affirmations here (although I think affirmations are amazing) but if it doesn’t feel right, saying it over and over is not going to change that.

What I mean is, when you’re really on the train of down talking anything you’re doing; try to step it up towards more positive thinking.  This will help you to make the big shifts, get your heart rate down and to let go a little bit. Being stuck in a major traffic jam, knowing that you’re late for a meeting, dinner or other important meet up is not going to change.

You have to let go, but this is not always simple.

In these moments it’s important to keep your dialogue positive. With a major traffic jam, connect with the people that are waiting for you and then let it go. It is more important to arrive safely and still be able to do what you need to do.

During the day, there will always be moments you have no control over, but stressing about them is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

Being responsible for your day is taking care of your energy and your health; body mind and soul.


  • Katie - Conquering Fear Spiritually

    I absolutely love these tips- thank you Renee. As someone who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’ve spent the last 5 years in incredible health and when I think about it, checking in with my energy has been a constant practice over the last few years.

    Our energy levels can change, so it’s vital to honour and respect them.

    Thank you, Katie xx

  • Gayvenda Kessler

    I really needed to hear what you had to say about being responsible for our energy levels. I have a tendency to overbook myself, then have to cancel out. I have lupus and right now vasculitis in my feet. The lupus is cyclical and goes in and out of remission. I have a tendency to suit up and show up no matter how I feel, though. Then have to have bed rest for a couple of days. I am an artist and usually paint standing up, However, some of the paint time is sitting down. I am visiting my son and 2 grandchildren and Olivia asked me when we were going to have a painting lesson. I told her I was tired and had to rest a minute before starting the lesson. She replied that I had said I was tired yesterday. How do you tell a 5 year old that your energy level is low? LOL.
    Meditation helps me very much, Surrendering and resting is very important in my life. Well, I told my son I would paint a painting for his dining room, so I must go. Again, thanks Renee for bringing attention to watching my energy levels and achieving a better balance in my life…

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