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Daring to play BIG

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ” ~ Robert F. Kennedy

We all have our dreams and idea’s we want to manifest in our life’s.  Some come naturally to us.  Just because we work in a certain profession or we’ve finished our degree.  This is a normal and expected next step.  Some of our idea’s and ventures come from a passion.  It is difficult to explain, but it is just something we dream of doing.  We try to come up with logical answers to why we really would like to open up an B&B in Alaska, but there is not really a good explanation.  It is a feeling, a burning passion.  You know it will work for you and will make you very happy.  Being happy is something completely different for every person when you ask around.  Finding your own definition will help you find you own passion as well.

To follow your own passion it is important for your to find out what it is.  This not always easy of course because we have to really trust what it is we’re feeling.  Trust the knowledge within us is enough.  A lot of the time we think we need a degree in something to be good as our own passion.  Why would we need a degree to be certain professional  when your heart already knows.  Being a coach is a component of me that comes so naturally to me, that I have been doing this my whole adult life.  Still I went out to get my paperwork in order.  This is never wrong, but I did notice that it was holding me back.  I could only work and ask payment for my coaching when I passed all my classes.  Being in these classes I realized that this was something I did already from the heart.  I also notice that there were many people in my classes just as me!  What were we waiting for?  Why were we holding our self back?

It would be so naturally for all of just to go for it.  Dare to play it big, trusting that it will work out.  This is what a lot of successful entrepreneur did before us and still do.  Dive in the deep end and trust you are strong enough to swim to that beautiful island in the middle.  Because this is completely out of our comfort zone, it is important to take small steps.  In a way to get used to the water first.  To get a sense of our fears that are holding us back.  When we understand our own fears it will be easier for us to move past them and take the next step.  Another thing that will help us, is to create safe floaters to take with us.  This way we can go completely solo, we take a job that will help us financially, but also gives us the time to build our own adventure.  If following your passion means you need to speak a different language, this is the time to learn at least the basics.  When you arrive in the county of your dream this barrier is already taken. T o start an B&B you need a home and rooms to be ready for rent.  Maybe you need to do a lot of construction and renovation work.  The preparation we take before taking the big jump will help us prepare.  We know that it is going to be successful so there is no reason not to start preparing for it.  The new adventure starts with the preparation!  Listen to the voice within and not to the voices from outside.  They don’t to undertake this adventure, you are and you’re on the right path.  So no reason to worry, because our heart will show us the right direction.

Namaste Renée

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