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Seriously! Don’t tell me to be positive, as it clearly isn’t.

Today I was sitting down, and I realised that we are already 1/2 way our holiday time. OMG, it means back to a routine and back to things I exactly really don’t like. These are those have to do be doing things. We all have them. To be honest, I wonder why should I go back to things I seriously don’t want too.

I can feel you think; she is not going to write about being positive and making the best of a bad situation right. So many coaches out keep telling us it will be okay as long as we keep affirming all is well. Trust me I have been affirming all is well, knowing at that moment there is nothing well about this situation what so ever! So no I am not going to tell you anything about trying to be more positive. For the simple reason, it has taken me a long time to stop doing this. Overly working on being positive or making the best of a bad situation.

The thing I have been playing around with is embracing what ever comes my way. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have even been doing some research, as I am the kind of person that needs to understand what is happening. As long as I can understand, yes, then I can work with it. The situation doesn’t get it any better, but it makes it easier to deal with it. Embracing simply means “accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.”

Let me invite you to embrace the going back to school or back to work part after a beautiful summer holiday. If you are at the moment on the southern hemisphere, you think we are in the middle of winter. That is true, so you have enjoyed your winter break. The embracing part is leaving wonderful memories of relaxation and going back to the routine. My thought is if we can embrace our normal day to day life with a little more ease this would keep our holiday feeling going a lot longer. We get more out of our break so to speak.

Looking at it this way for me can manage to stay calm and relaxed for a lot longer. Ask you self these questions:

  1. How do you feel waking up when there is no expectation required of you that day?
  2. How do you start your day is you are in charge of the schedule?
  3. How do you feel while walking thru the door?

As you probably notice these are all answers that connect us with our feelings and our thoughts. These are things we are completely in control. We can think and feel what we like every given moment of the day. Looking at it from this perspective we are completely in control of our day, and we do. Even during our have to do list we are completely in control what we think and feel.

I have given this some test runs the last few days. Let me share with you one example. To be honest, cooking is my least favourite thing to do. ( I do love a good meal!) I looked at the have to get dinner ready moment and took this opportunity to go back and feel as if I was getting in the car to go to horse riding. I could feel myself energise again and it even put a smile on my face. While I started cooking I kept thinking about getting the horses out the field and getting ready for my lesson. I felt great, by embracing my feelings and thoughts, cooking dinner went very quickly. Dinner was good and relaxed. (happily, share more examples with you if you like, just send me a message)

Embracing the items on my have to do list is not so daunting anymore. It still needs work, but I know that it can at least feel different if we choose so.

Lots of love,


PS: If you find it difficult to connect with a feeling or relax thought you could use one of your favourite essential oils to get you zen zone. For me at the moment it is Cedarwood. The smell of this essential oil brings me to make on a hiking trail in no time.

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