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Finding Yourself Through Intuition by Sandra Seibert

Twenty years ago I was searching for myself – in relationships, in travels, in religion, in books and words of wisdom.  Many people influenced my life, and the lessons I learned through the ups and downs of my journey weren’t always pleasant but were essential for my personal growth.  Today, I can say I found myself: I know who I am. I understand my life’s purpose, and I am connected to myself on a deeper level based on consciousness and intuition.

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, intuition is a quick or ready insight, an immediate apprehension or cognition, or the power of attaining to direct knowledge without evident rational thought. In our highly measurable and technology-driven society, we often underestimate the power of intuition.  For me, intuition is an essential part of my daily life and well-being. Being connected to my intuition means being connected to my own wisdom, my inner safety net, my roots and my essence: connected to the Universe and God.  Intuition is my inner voice speaking my own truth related to my well-being, and it is the guidance I was searching for my entire life.

Though I am an educator and systemic counselor with more than 11 years of experience working with families and children, I rely on my intuition every day as a mom. I intuitively know when I am too relaxed and not giving my boys enough rules and daily structure.  Letting them play too many video games or watch too much TV makes them hyper and over-stimulated.  They then have a hard time listening, following directions and being mindful.  They are not balanced and connected to their own inner selves. They seem overwhelmed and lost in the outer world. Likewise, letting my boys stay up too late causes problems like being crabby and not able to solve the challenges of the day appropriately.  My intuition not only helps me in parenting situations, it also helps me in my marriage. Through intuition, I know when to back off during a discussion and give my husband the time to digest my words or think about the things that were said.  I am better able to respect him and his needs. Twenty years ago, I would have insisted on discussing every last detail. Today, I “ask” my inner guidance and instantly understand when I need to give him space.

 My intuition also tells me when to slow down and recharge, and when to take time off to care for my own needs.  If I am not listening to the warning signs of my inner guide, I begin to feel overwhelmed and tired, and I become disconnected from myself and my loved ones.  My intuition and inner wisdom always know what I need and what I need to do in a given moment. My intuition tells me what my family needs most, and what they need less of.

My intuition is my inner wisdom and my guide in conscious and mindful living.  Sometimes it is a barely perceptible feeling. Other times it speaks loudly: I almost see an image shaking its head or approving. I can ask my inner guide any time what to do, what’s important in that moment to hold onto and let go of, and almost right away I get an answer in the way of a gut feeling, some words or an image.  Connecting with your inner wisdom is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your personal growth. Your true inner self, your core being, your essence knows exactly what you need right now this very moment. Your intuition knows the truth and the next step of your journey toward personal growth and inner peace.

Connect with your inner wisdom, and you will reconnect with yourself.  How can you do that? Here are just a few examples of ways to connect with your own essence:

  • Seek stillness; Become quiet and listen within.
  • Ask yourself honestly what you want to know.
  • Practice mindful living: Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, meditate, take time off to relax and recharge.
  • Listen to yourself: Don’t ask others, ask yourself. Trust yourself.
  • Spend time in nature: Sit in a quiet place or take a walk in nature. Nature’s energy helps you to reconnect with your essence.
  • Meditate: Listen to guided mediation. It helps you connect with your inner wisdom.
  • Practice Yoga: It connects your body, mind and soul.
  • Become creative: Any creative activity activates your inner wisdom and lets your essence “speak” through the activity
  • Journal: Find out what your thoughts, emotions, values and beliefs are. Knowing yourself on a deeper level goes hand in hand with connecting with your intuition.


Invite your intuition to talk to you and support you in your daily life! It is your inner wisdom, true essence and core being that guides you through life’s challenges, knowing what lessons you need to learn and what obstacles to master.



Sandra Seibert is the Joyful Growth Coach for women,parents and expat families. She encourages individuals to turn life’s challenges into opportunities and experience the joy of change and personal growth.

Based on both her personal and professional experience, she offers an inspirational and exploratory coaching service that is premised on an international open mind and celebration of diversity. She is fluent in German and English and has lived in three different countries, which has given her a strong appreciation for multicultural differences.

She is married to her soul mate and is the mother of two young boys. They currently live in Michigan, USA and shortly will move to Germany. They enjoy most being outdoors with their two Labrador Retrievers.

You can find more information about Sandra Seibert on her website at www.joyfulgrowthcoach.com, read more about her writing at www.joyfulgrowthcoach.com/blog-2, and join her on Face book at www.facebook.com/joyfulgrowthcoach.


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