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Follow your feelings, follow your intuition. By Micky Nijboer

There are moments in your life that you shouldn’t think things over, you should just do.
There are moments in your life where you shouldn’t weigh, but do what enters you.
There are moments in your life where you shouldn’t consider everybody’s opinion, but should follow your feelings.
There are moments in your life that you have to believe in yourself and let yourself follow your heart, follow your feelings, do what your intuition tells you.
Often naivety is associated with the “immature” outlook on life, but is that so?
Often impulsive is seen as “thoughtless”, but is that true?
Aren’t they just beautiful and pure feelings and reactions. Aren’t they just very honest and “down to earth”. Isn’t it actually so that someone impulsive, naive, is following his feeling is choosing the right path and aren’t the “oncoming” perhaps the ones who can’t deal with these primary emotions.
Aren’t they just purest traits reaching the heart as they come from the heart …

It has been my privilege to have taken the initiative, to save over more than 200 horses in the most purest form there is for a person like myself. This one experience has taught me more than what I could learn in a lifetime.
My heart told me to do it and I did it. I thought of the primal instinct of the horse, herd behavior. I thought of the knowledge and my feeling that I had to use. The confidence in my horse and my horse’s trust in me. And it worked, it worked convincingly, it worked for the eyes of millions, it worked.
I followed my feelings, I followed my intuitive and there where more than 200 horses saved from death.
It didn’t take any effort, I did it because I wanted it. Just like someone would help just out of love. Effortless. Nothing more and nothing less.
For the love of the horse…

“A glance gulls crossed the gray clouds on the horizon. The stinging freezing cold wind made small waves on the icy dark water. With a beating heart in my throat I drove with my friends on our horses into the water, it was dead quiet. Hundreds of people on the dike beheld the scene and everyone held their breath.
Splash, splash, splash, splash, the horse legs of our four-legged friends stamped firmly into the herd of horses in need.
Without a doubt, the herd of horses came into motion and followed us willingly. Arriving at the dike the “seahorses” galloped into freedom…
This gave me all the satisfaction, all the lighting, all the confirmation of my feelings. They went, after days and nights of fear, safely “home”.
It has taken me years to realize that the reactions afterwards say something about the people who expressed them. Jealousy or adoration. Envy or a heroic act. It was not about what others thought of it, it was what I thought. And I followed my feelings, I followed my intuitive and the horses were saved.

www.mickynijboer.com  the horse rescue 2006

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