Goal Coaching

What is Goal Coaching?

As an intuition coach,  I work with spirited, soulful clients with big wildfire dreams. The Awaken your Goal package (4 months) and the Let’s get this done package (7 Months) has been created to help you deepen your intuition even further.

It is especially dedicated to helping you explore the quiet art of listening to your inner wisdom and taking powerfully aligned action. Because it is in this sacred space, where your heart and head meet that the magic happens.

Goal Coaching

is Goal Coaching right for me?

There is something that is within you, a kind of stirring, like the faint glow of an orb sitting within your soul. There is something here that has been stirring you to lean into it. Its been there for a while now, glowing and quiet. Perhaps its the dream you have of opening your own heart-centred business where you can feel supremely creative and completely in your element. Or it is the calling for you to peel back the layers on exactly what it is that you are meant to do in this world. Or it could be simply about finding space – your little sanctuary where you can sit; connected to your highest consciousness.

And every time you do something that doesn’t feel completely fulfilling, this stirring nudges you to take a step towards it.

And yet, even though there are moments of deep connection, beauty and heart, you have somehow filled it to the brim of “things you should do”, rather than with the things you know would really nourish you. We move through our day, always beginning our morning with the best of intentions – maybe a little pilates and meditation before the crazy rush sets in. But all your effort feels like it just drains from you as you make it just in time to work where you will likely be spending yet another day staring into your computer screen. It feels like you are skimming the surface of life without really going deep into what it means to feel alive and to feel like you are truly connected to what it is that you want to do.

But what if we could make little changes to your day and to your perspective that could take you to the next level of consciousness and aligned living?

And what if we dedicated your energy over a period of 4 months to untangle all that has kept you standing still? Because being in a state of flow, being in a state of creation and expansiveness is where you should be playing.

And yes, it will feel a little scary. But, perhaps it is time for you to explore the inner glow of your intuition and your highest consciousness and let your soul fly.

How a goal coaching package works.
  • Vision creation and goal tracking

Over the course of 4 months, we will have 2 x 1-hour coaching sessions per month (6 coaching sessions in total). At the beginning of the series, we will explore what it is that you want to create and build a foundation for it to thrive.  In each coaching session, we will also create action steps that are aligned with your soul vision and tracking how you are progressing towards it. We will work through any blocks that come up and also move you through any old habits that are keeping you from taking action.

  • Deeply intuitive

I use an intuitive approach to life coaching so each experience and each session will be different. Depending on how the energy feels during the session and what I tap into, I may guide you through a deep meditation to find grounding and clarity, we may do some soul work using a worksheet together where the big questions are asked and explored, or I may do some energy work to explore what needs to be healed and released.

  • Personalised

The Intuition Coaching series will be personalised based on you and what you need from it. I don’t follow one-size fits all approach because every single client is different and will need a tailored approach in order for us to work towards the best possible outcome.

  • Balancing the heart and head

I believe in balancing the head and the heart so that your sessions are focused and intentional with practical action steps towards creating what you desire. What this means is how you FEEL about your vision is really important. This will be where we will create space for it to unfold, for you to explore the texture of your vision so that you get crystal clear on what you want to bring to life. However, having a big beautiful dream with all the best of intentions will not come to life unless we actively make practical steps towards these. Ultimately, it’s about aligning your energy with your vision and channelling it into the action.

  • Holistic Integration

I use a range of different techniques and rituals to help you create the best coaching experience for you. I blend in Reiki, energy healing, meditation, mantra, chakra work and mindful practices into our sessions.

  • Aligned Communication

With the series, you will also be able to contact me via email between each session. The email support will be another opportunity for you to get ongoing coaching from me.  Sometimes having someone that can guide you through it all, especially when you are having those “not so hot” days, continuously throughout your series can be so helpful!

Goal Coaching


  • Colleen Sidun

    I am so thankful for my experience with Renee. Over the past couple months I have grown tremendously through her coaching. Renee’s gentle intuitive guidance has helped me to uncover some deep-seated personal obstacles. She led me through these obstacles and helped me to discover personal power and direction for purpose in my life. Renee’s intuition, knowledge and personality made me feel open to trust the process without reservations. Although the miles lay between us , there was no distance to speak of. Renee is a truly gifted intuitive coach and my experience with her has been a blessing.
    Thank you Renee from the bottom of my heart!

    ~ Colleen

  • Guillaume Maurice

    I had a wonderful coaching session with Renee. What was amazing was how she knew who I was from a deep soul level & what I needed to do in order to realign myself & she did this at a distance. I really did enjoy the experience of her coaching. When I completed the 21-day affirmation she gave me after the 21st day I did feel something had lifted & I felt a little more lighter. Renee had a magnificent mind & she really knew what she was doing. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling out of balance. Thank you Renee for all of your wonderful encouragement.

    ~ Guillaume

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