Gratitude to the teachers in our lives

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.  ~Chinese Proverb

It is not always clear when your life lessons are presented to you.  Sometimes it takes months or even years that it becomes clear to you, that this was an important period.  Sometimes because this is a period in our lives that we are clearly just surviving. We are so wrapped up with own problems that we are not able to separate ourselves.  Because we are literary working thru our own mud, we are constantly looking to find a way to a shower and get clean again.  On the other hand it is so clear that we are in the middle of important period, that we need time to write it all down.  The lessons are presented to us in line and we need time to concentration to get it all in.   At this time we need to go with the flow and notice that we are observers of our own lives.   Don’t react just be and learn, think and learn, just breath thru it all.  The realization of the importance will make sure that everything will stick.  The light is fully on and the energy is just coming from any where and no where.  Both ways are equally important or anything in the middle of it. Our lessons are presented to us in different ways.  The universe, god, or the name you feel comfortable using for all this what is happening around us and inside us.  Knows who we are and also knows how to present important information to us in a way we will accept our lessons and make sure we understand that we need to accept our lessons.

Writing my blog is always a journey for me.  I try to pick a subject or a theme, but most of the time the blog is taking me on a walk thru a beautiful garden, horrible dry dessert or stormy river.  All this to show me what to write and share with you. The reactions I get are wonderful compliment, stories and thoughts shared and also there are some horrible emails.  I hope that these words will get to them later.  Of course I hope that they will take the time to read the comment share by others and the dialogue that is going on.

Lessons we learn from all walks of life and the little ones are as important as the one we define as big.  We’re heading for the end of the year and it is always a good moment to look at the different periods this year and those moments that have pushed us to grow and to be the best person we are.   It is a great feeling to say thank you.  To show our family and friends how important they are and not to forget the angels we meet just for a short period this year.  Sometimes we don’t even know there name or what is going on with them. But there presents in our life’s at that moment was so important.  There are so many teachers in our life’s and they all wear different hats, but thanks for taking this role!

Who are important teachers for you this year?

Love Renee

10 thoughts on “Gratitude to the teachers in our lives

  1. jolande de grijs says:

    Hi renee,

    you nailed it again! To speak for myself: Life is my teacher. Everyone I meet is a teacher. Is as simple as that.

    love Jolande

  2. liz says:

    Dearest Renee,

    One of my teachers is .. you. Simple as that. You post your blog with really simple and real questions, that are always food for thought. Every time just going out there with something in your heart. So, I always look forward to your new posting. Of course I have more teachers. Probably more than I see right now, but in time I will no doubt recognize them, as well as their lesson.



  3. sandyseeber says:

    There are many teachers is my life and many of them are challenging me all the time. These challenges bring out the best of me and help me to overcome obstacles in my way. The biggest teacher though is my ego self that apparently knows everything better than my true self and sometimes they fight, sometimes they agree with each other.
    This year I have been able to show my ego self a way of getting what it wants in a much nicer and more convenient way. Since then it compromises much more than it used to be, although in times it still enjoys a good argument.
    Thank you Renee for your blog articles as they are hugely inspirational for me.
    Love, Sandy

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