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“Gratitude is a state or feeling of appreciation for anything. It could be a relationship, abundance, state of health, personal or public blessings, there is no limit to what gratitude could be applied to.”

This is the main answer to my question to describe gratitude. Many people feel that gratitude itself has a power to it. As we appreciate something in this way its meaning expands. Gratitude can be overwhelming at times. Not only for the client, but also for the coach. It is so amazing to watch some else to trust you with there thoughts, feelings and struggles. It is beautiful to watch when they overcome them and move foreword to there next step of their goals. It is defiantly a feeling of gratitude, because not only you (my client) has move forward I did too. It is always a combination of the 2. Me as a coach can’t help but grow with my client, because I feel connect to them. There have been lessons learnt, tricks discovered, new route found out. Al this done together, one working hard, with trail and error, letting go and testing new ways and the other with support, encouragement and victory applause. The gratitude to be part of this journey is enormous. The feeling of gratitude is there without finding the write words to describe it.

Because gratitude is a big part of our life’s, you sometime forget to incorporate it in your daily activities. To let gratitude in and feel the power of  it. This is where journaling is a good way to take time  to write down  all these wonderful, positive experiences we have with the simple things of live. Keeping an gratitude journal will help you to keep things, situations, people close to your heart and bind them with your own words together. When you have a time in your life were you need some extra light, help and support you can open up your journal and witness all these wonderful experiences again and again. This helps you to review and look at challenging situations from an different angle. Having gratitude with you will help you tap into your own knowledge, intuition. The wonderful tools you have with in you. It gives you back the foundation were you are looking for at that moment. Of course while writing your gratitude journal is will give you more energy and it is a wonderful document to sit with to be quite and really take everything in. It is your own mirror and your own library to find answers if necessary.

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