5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Norah Martorano says:

    I feel a strong connection to 11:11. I have been accepting of myself and others in the past year. Im very excited to learn more abojt the many ways to improve myself and the productivity of my life. Thank you, God bless

  2. Cristina plasczynski says:

    I wanted to leave you my e-mail address just to stay in network with you .. you did a great job on your first live radio talk show.. I was the psychic-medium who called in i will keep you updated after I begin healing with Reiki.. also I am here if you ever want guidance I can read people via text message or email… thank u again renee…

  3. Christine Camille DiNapoli says:

    Thank you Rene ! I am grateful to have you in my life ! I would love to have a birthday ready!
    Much love

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