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How to use your intuition to create miracles by Stacey Curnow

“Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.” ~ Mary Oliver


Let me start by saying that, like most people, I worry that I’m not doing enough of the right things to be successful. I wrack my brain for the solutions to my problems and I push myself to take more action. And I’m afraid that it will never be enough.

By embracing the idea that I can use my intuition to create miracles, I’m releasing the belief that I have to push myself to figure out everything before I set out for some destination. I’ll accept that there’s a Divine spirit, a Universal energy that wants my best life and provides exactly the insights I need, when I most need them.

I’ll stop doubting and second-guessing myself. I won’t think, “How will I know what to do and when?” Instead, I’ll tell myself, “When it comes, I’ll know.” And I know, too, that I’ll feel inspired to take just the right kind of determined action based on what it tells me.

Note, though, that as much as I want to take my sticky fingers off the controls, I still think there are some things I can do to make the connection to my intuition even stronger.

You see, I’m not about to dismiss one of the major tenets of success and productivity literature—that you need to have goals in order to be successful. In a similar vein, I’m recognizing the importance of the feelings that tell me what next step I should take to achieve them. In other words, I still believe you need goals. It’s just that reaching them requires that you use your heart just as much as your head.

Unfortunately, I don’t always keep open a space in my life to cultivate and listen to my feelings. I’ve noticed, too, that, if I can’t feel good in any respect, I’m going to have trouble tuning in to the feelings that guide me to the next step I should take toward my dreams. So I’ve learned that I need to create more space for my intuition—the feeling me—to operate in.

Here are a few simple steps that really help:

1.  Float downstream. Take action because it will feel better to do so, and choose the actions that will make you feel better. Not because you “should,” but because you’re excited to do so. Whenever you find yourself dreading something, procrastinating, forcing yourself and hating it, you’re paddling upstream. So stop and ask yourself, “what action can I take that I’m excited to do?”

I promise you, nothing you want is upstream. And if that’s where you’re headed, you can change course by focusing on what you really want and why. The more excited you get, the easier things will become. Take this rule to heart, and you’ll find yourself trusting your intuition more and more.

2.  Be in the moment. Whenever you find yourself focusing on a point in the future with anything but joyful anticipation, pull yourself back to the present. Focus on your breath. Take a walk outside. You can only take action from the present moment anyway, so come to peace with it, and the next appropriate action will reveal itself.

3.  Make it a game. When we have our minds set on a particular destination, we often miss other viable paths for getting there. Try to make a game of seeing all the possible paths and pick the one that seems the most appealing. Trust me—the most appealing path will get you to your destination just as quickly as the unappealing path. If you find an obstacle in your way, find as many “out-of-the-box” solutions as possible. Engage a friend to help you with this.

4.  Let go of judgment. If you live in the world with other people—especially a partner or child—you know how tempting it is to tell them what to do. I’ve learned that things go just about as well as I would like them to go by letting people do what they want, rather than attempting to control them.

“Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.” Lao Tzu reminds us that if you can manage the easy, small things now, you’ll save yourself the time and effort of having to do the difficult things later.

Moreover, those small successes teach us how success feels, so we’re more attuned to that feeling. Also, with the small things managed, we free our lives of clutter—and create more space for the truth to break in and show us the way.

I promise you, keep doing these five actions again and again, and you’ll know you can trust your intuition much more often. And when you do, you’ll be surprised at how happy and successful you feel all the time.

What are ways that you strengthen your connection to intuition? Please share in the comments!

Stacey is a purpose and success coach who helps you give birth to your BIG dreams. To find your purpose and passion, check out her FREE eBook, The Purpose and Passsion Guidebook.



  • Peggy Boon

    So powerful and so timely reading this!!! Wow this resonates with me in a big way. Thanks for articulating it so magnificently 🙂

    • Stacey

      Hi Peggy!

      Thanks so much for your kind comment! I’m so glad to know that my article resonates with you!! I hope the insights you receive will help you create major miracles in your life. 🙂

      Much love,

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