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Intuition is all about those things we already know

I was invited by my lovely colleague Eugenia Olavide to write for her blog. Just to share with you her wonderful work and my addition to it :). Please check out her website; Return to YOU


These days we are so busy with our families and work, using our cars, phones and computers that we are forgetting to tap into our own knowledge, that one that lives inside of us.  The so called  sixth sense, that gut feeling that instantly tells us the truth about how a situation or person makes us feel.


Our intuition is our key to an amazing life.  Interestingly enough, kids are very good at it.  Do you remember as a kid when you didn’t want to go and say hi to IMG_1949certain people, or even get close to them.  Or you really didn’t want to go to someone’s house. You just didn’t because you somehow knew that they weren’t nice or there was something in that environment that made you feel unease.

With our best intention, we try to convince our kids and ourselves not to follow these feelings or hunches because today we tend to trust more the information we are getting from outside ourselves.


Intuition is something we all have, it is a beautiful gift within us. Some of us are better at listening to it and pay more attention to all kind of messages around us.  When we are connected to it; we can get help daily and sense a situation or a person and act accordingly.

All of us have this toolbox of knowledge, all we have to do is to get in touch with it, trust it and we will benefit enormously.  For some of us and I include myself in this group, the connection is so strong that we have to go out and start following our intuition, if we don’t follow these feelings we really become ill.


To take that leap of faith and start following your own thoughts and feelings can be very scary at the beginning, but at the end it will bring you the best gift of all.  You in the best form you can ever be in life. Happy, healthy and ready to add positive energy and new ideas into this world.


Happy tapping into your intuition!


Lots of love,



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