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Intuitive Guidance of July 14

Finding rest, it sounds easy.  You just need to sit down and do nothing, right?  I don’t know what it is like for you to truly find some rest and a quite mind, but for some reason it is not that easy to find for me.  This is what this weeks Intuitive Guidance is all about.  Finding a place, a mind set to just rest and let time just tick away.


Let me know how that works for you?


Lots of love,



  • Eugenia

    Thank you for this message Renee which as ever came at the right time. I lived yesterday one of those days when part of me was asking for slow down time, me time to just be and notice what was going on. I have to admit that it was not easy to start with and had to make an effort to let go of thoughts that were not being useful. I am pleased to say that I managed it and spent a peaceful, enriching and delicious day with my company and that of my daughter and life around.
    Thank you again for your message.

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