Is a detox a good thing?

Preparing for my annual detox, I always know it it time to give up some food and drinks that are not really good for my body.  I am not a alcohol drinker, but love my coffee. It gives me that relax moment.  To really taste the coffee and just to be in the moment.  Sometimes at the Starbucks or at home having a little me time.  Coffee is part of my day as are sweets, my liquorice to be precise.  Love that salty pitch black candy.  But with the moving and being in temporary accommodation my eating habits have not been the best.  With summer holiday’s coming up and having the kids home for 10 weeks it is time to make sure I am fit an healthy. To keep up with them, because they are happy to be out of school and want to do stuff!

Gutsyview 3_6Taking out my coffee triggered a headache for 5 day’s, I seriously couldn’t think anymore.  My body had pains every where and I was SO tired.  Looking back at it now and having said at least goodbye to my headaches, it is time to have a good look at what it is we think is normal considering our food.  Pushing our body’s to the limit, almost on a constant basis. Finding it completely normal that we don’t pay attention to our food, nor the amount of water we drink, don’t have enough rest and still demand to get up and give a fantastic performance at our work or at home. No wonder that we get cranky, be in a bad mood after a long week or fall ill after a while.
When was the last time you really paid attention to what you were eating and drinking or if you were planning enough rest in your day.  It is almost no wonder that a lot of us get really ill by the time the holiday’s are finally there.  Lets be honest most of us, push ourselves just that little bit to far.  I know I am guilty of that as well.  Having a moment to pay attention to what we are doing to our bodies.  To be honest with one another, not because bikini season is around the corner.  Just really be honest about the amount of time in your day that you have set aside for resting.  To be able to really think and come up with amazing idea’s you need to be able to be open and think.  Not feeling the aches  in your body or the need for some kind of drink that will wake you up.  When you go and do your shopping, pay attention to what it is you are buying.  The food we eat have great influences to how we feel during the day.  How can we feel happy and loved as wel don’t even take the time and attention the the food we’re buying.
Taking care for ourselves start with our bodies.  Our bodies take our souls on a journey, this is how we present ourselves.  The way we look, starts with how we feel.  Shining our light, humor, and most important our love.  Lets pay attention this week to how we are taking care of ourselves and lets be honest there is alway room for positive changes.  As we change on a daily basis ourselves.
Lots of love,

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