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Is balance a good thing?

Order is not pressure which is imposed on society from without, but an equilibrium which is set up from within. Jose Ortega y Gasset

 Today I have a great difficulty in writing.  I am not sure why.  I have been thinking about balance a lot.  For some reason I have been hearing this word quite often these days.  It seems to be a word that we like to use a lot.  It is the current fashionable buzz word.  Perhaps because we all are just back from our summer holidays and we need to find a new rhythm, or maybe because there is so much changing at the moment in the world and our lives that it is not clear what we can expect.  The interpretation of the word balance or even better, being in balance is talked about frequently.  It seems that people are talking about the same subject, but when I listen closely I feel that they are talking about completely different things, without even noticing the difference!

Is it true that we will be happy if we find our balance?  I am not sure, because this implies that having balance will solve all our problems.  But being out of balance might help us too, to go out of our comfort zones and try to find new solutions, perhaps new ways of approaching challenges in our lives.  This way we will be building a better life for ourselves and our loved ones around us.  Of course, it is nice to not have to constantly come up with new ideas and to work hard on building new paths.  It is nice to have a time out just to recharge ourselves, so that new ideas are able to come in.  For me personally, writing this out is helping me to let go of some of the constraints I had about writing this blog.

I love to write this blog, I feel it is a great way to introduce myself, the way I think and also to introduce my tone of coaching.  It demonstrates the way I would like to support my clients and cheer them on during their journey.  On other hand, writing this is a big challenge too.  It takes me out of my comfort zone completely.  English is not my first language.  What are people thinking of me while reading this blog?  Does my writing make any sense?  That little voice inside is constantly trying to ask these questions.  I am not always able to fight this voice.  Although, by putting the words out and sharing them with my community helps me get a new sense of balance.  Now it is out here, it gives me the courage to make changes in my life as well.  To see it written down in black and white, it either makes sense or not at all. So why give it so much thought.  This attributes a completely different meaning to the word balance and at the same time it means the same.

Whether we have balance or not, both give us opportunities to make positive changes in our lives.

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  • Renee Brown

    Thanks, Renee! I have been in this same mind set lately, feeling the desire for balance but also appreciating the growth that is spurred from stepping out of balance. It sometimes feels like a high-wire act 😉 so thanks for your honesty. I wrote something about this in my blog (ZENandZEST.com) earlier this year. I call it the ZOOM-EEK CYCLE where we soar high for a while, then suddenly our life becomes over-full and we screech on the brakes. I think you’re right that a lot of us are going through these cycles. It helps to hear other people’s ideas, so thanks for sharing yours today. Blessings & Joy, Renee

  • Berney

    Hi Renee and thanks for the message. It is interesting that your article is on balance as it is what I do in my job. I am a brain technologist and work to create balance in the brain. It is a real and sophisticated technology that can actually create the same kind of balance in your brain that meditation does only in much less time. It would take 10 years of meditation to get the results you will get in less than a month of brain training. You can find out more on it by going to either my website http://www.althealthcenter.com/braintraining.html or to the parent organization at http://www.brainstatetech.com. This technology is changing the way we heal. It is nothing short of amazing so please check it out when you get a moment. I would love to get your feedback.
    I look forward to seeing more of your thoughts and I wish you the best on your journey.

  • Rosemarie Ray

    Balance…..ying and yang…..knowing when to stop and meditate on the present moment and breathe. It seems my ego likes to get in the way…..breaking out of learned behavior patterns and conditioning. It’s getting easier to become aware when I’m out of balance and make necessary changes. However, I think we need these challanges to grow. I am learning to listen to my intuition more and trust I know what’s best for me.

  • Agus

    If this BALANCE what you mean about Right and Obligation, then the answer is YES, we need to balance them, or we need to relax after stressing by work/job, other activities, balancing can make you are in the zero (0) position make you fresher, wealth, and other good things that make possible.

    Just like tyre, balancing make us on the center position, and this is safer rather too left or right, am I? Balancing as mid or moderate position.

    Warm regards,

  • Udo Stadtsbuchler

    It was Albert Einstein who said: ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.’ Staying with this metaphor we can say that as we go along on this bicycle ride we will encounter the occasional wobble, perhaps even a fall, or we have to take one foot off the pedal to prevent a fall; in other words, we will experience an imbalance. Is this terrible? No, of course not; it simply is part of our journey.

    A wobble my scare us for a moment, but we take immediate action to return to balance.
    If we have to take a foot off the pedal to prevent a fall, we were off balance longer than with just a wobble, but we took drastic action to return to balance.
    A fall puts us on a hard place and may even hurt us, but if we are not too badly hurt, we will get up, brush the dust off our pants and get back onto our bicycle again to continue our journey. If we are badly hurt, we have to take care of this hurt and, hopefully soon, we will be back on our bike.

    We need to recognize that there will be times of imbalance in our life, because imbalance is an integral part of life. How would we know balance if there was no imbalance?
    Important is that we react positively to imbalances, whatever they are, put our life back into balance and carry on, being proud and happy that we have taken the right action.

  • lauren

    i love reading your post! they really hit close to home, i never thought about this before, but you made a good point in this. Balance is something i am gonna be thinking more about.

  • Joe

    Interesting discussion, I enjoyed reading the comments as much as the post itself.

    I can’t speak for anyone but myself and from where I am in my journey: To be in balance all the time would be out of balance, as the very nature of balance requires being out of balance from time to time. In both states I have learned and progressed. Though I prefer balance, I’ve come to think of imbalanced times as times of learning and times of growth. That’s not to say that the times of balance are static, growth and progress also occur, its just different.

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