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Is the power now?

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” ~ Eckhart Tolle




The power is now, is probably the most famous expression of the last few years. I really love this one, but it also make me think and wonder.  It is true the only moment we have is now? This means it is up to us to make the best out of this moment, right now.  It feels to me that the question is, what does that really mean to us? There are so many things that are added to our to do list and to be able to get them all done we need to leave this moment and think and organize for a future moment. Is this a way to try and stay in control? Do we have the power now?

It is wonderful to have a day and just go with it. The appointments are made, it is all going in the way we think it should go. Of course there are also day’s that the day doesn’t go the way we had intended the day to go. The alarm clock stopped working so you got up to late and ended up chasing your own day, the whole day. While writing my blog, I’m waiting for a client. My client is now officially 45 minutes late. Should I be angry, but that is not what I’m feeling. Or let is go and follow the flow of the day. Of course I can talk to others about it, but this will maybe take away my power. This is what feel fine to me. I’m not sitting around feeling upset, but just wonder why. It is not nice waiting on a client or a friend and there is a no show. Communication is of course key. To be honest, the power is now. So now I’ve decide to go and do something else.

We build together a lot of expectations and rules that we between us in our living enviroment.  We want to look at one another and be able to understand and control what the out come will be. This way we are all in control and there is no funny stuff happening.  This of course also adds a lot of pressure within the group we live in.  Maybe it feel safe to live this way, but is there any space to grow and be an individual?  So what would happen if we took our  power and let it go. We decide that our view is different from expected of us.  We have the power to do this. It al come down to allowing yourself to be the best person you can be.  This best person needs different things at different times.  What was good and necessary yesterday, may not work today.  Just be ready to let go and say goodbye.  There is nothing wrong with following your own path.  It might be we cross again at  another part of our journey.  The memories are always there and even the exchange of love to one another will always stay.

The answer is with you and that has the all power right now!

Namaste Renée


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