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Just let go of what doesn’t work!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

It is already week two in the new year. I have had a busy week, with little time for myself. That is what sometimes what happens in a family. But this week it was not a matter of choice nor of control. It was all completely out of my say and it meant that we all just had to deal with the situation we were in. Stuck together. Funny enough we all did. Sometimes you can surprise yourself, but to be surprise by others at the same time is a good feeling. It got me thinking on the thinks I had planned to do, when the holiday season was over. The goals I had set out and the activities that I want to do. We all start of a new period with a lot of energy and many things on our to do list.

Because we were all completely thrown out by this week and not able to do what we had set out to do, it is very easy to slip back into bad habits. Looking at that I wondered what wasn’t working for me last year. It is moments like these, being challenged, that there is a choice. What do we choose right now and what did we choose last year! It made me really quite and I reflected back. Because it is important to let by gone’s be by gone’s. There are many stories and even songs written about this. Last year I wrote about leaving luggage behind. So not to be able to start with what I had planned could be considered to be a set back. It didn’t feel like that at all. It sure gave me an opportunity to think about what could I leave in 2011.

To be honest the most important one for me is, don’t over think every thing. Any one recognizing this? It probably is the number one thing that takes away a lot of my time and energy. It is a silly thing to do. We all know that, but it is so easy to get yourself into. It comes from a point of really caring for every one around you and even a way for looking to get approvement from others in the circle we life in. Is it? “Was I kind to this person today” or “Completely forgot that she has a special diet” or “I should have helped my colleague to finish her presentation this afternoon?”. These are often the starting points and then the over thinking is creating a complete life of their own. Things from last week, last year, yesterday and what will happen tomorrow will start popping into our heads. But none of all of this will help us, it will only take away attention from other events going on around us at that moment.  So it will be a lot better to stop this all together.  Of course that is easier said than done.  A good start is to take a deep breath when you notice this is going on.  Don’t judge yourself, just notice.  After this to just say stop.  After taking time to breath and really notice that you’re breathing is becoming calmer and more from the belly.  Then you can start to replace your thoughts with events that were nice that day.  There are always so many nice encounter with friends and colleague’s.  This is where we start a different look at what has happened today.  The great lady at the shop that really liked you hair or you when you stepped in for a colleague.  It all starts to change with that first step you take to pay attention to events differently.

What will be your thing to leave behind in 2011?

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