Just take the jump

Do you recognize those little butterflies in your tummy or do they feel like heaviness?  Taking a leap of faith is difficult, because what if…


The message for this week is all about stepping over our own fear.  This sometimes feels like making a mistake of driving into the wrong direction.  It is only our own feeling, because it is simply something new.


So just do it, you can!





2 thoughts on “Just take the jump

  1. Poppy says:

    Thanks so much Renee! That was timely for me…lots of decisions about work and what brings me joy vs responsibilities and finding the balance…

    If there is fear there, I sometimes think I’m on the right track….will be listening a little closer to that voice… Peace and Blessings! Poppy…

    • Renée Vos de Wael says:

      With recognizing you’re own way of tackling you life is the most important step. Keep connecting to your authentic voice and you’ll see change entering as well. Xxx

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