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He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ~ Muhammad Ali

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Happy New Year! I hope you all have had an amazing break, to just recharge your batteries and spend time with loved ones. We have had a wonderful break. It was so nice to just be. I even tried to make a video to talk to you in person, but that did work out for some reason. Will figure this out at one day!

Spending a lot of time out of my own home and meeting up with friends did point out to me that it is important to have healthy boundaries. So that we don’t lose energy without noticing. This can happen so easily, that at the end of the day we wonder why we are so tired. What are the questions we’re willing to answer to and what is consider private? What are the activities we’ll like to join or let them pass by. What is important to us, are there any rules we can use to make decisions like this? Looking around the table I notice friends that where very happy to see one another again after a year. It was also noticeable that some of them were very tired and really deep down would have loved a day at home. It is all about that balance and finding your own boundaries, because if you wait to long to set them up. You are walked over by every one you meet and loved ones you know. It is true there are moment that you have to go and be involved with friends and family. But if we look a the moments that this apply’s to, then we also know those moments are only a few.

It has been said many times, life is busy or I’m so sorry I was going to call but it is so busy. To be busy is an identification on it own these days. If you are busy, you are someone. Is that true, you can wonder? There are more and more books written about meditation, breathing, becoming more healthy. Just to help all those ailments that start with stress or being to busy. To cook a good meal takes time, even brewing a good cup of coffee does. After preparing this you need time to enjoy the goodies. It feels like that we are running out of time. It that is a choice even if feels it doesn’t.

By setting your own boundaries, it is a lot easier to be in control. You make the decision what is going to happen today. In the beginning this feels a little bit fabricated, but it takes practice and perseveres to make a change. Before ending your day, take a look at what your plans are for tomorrow. Make sure there is time for you to have a break. To enjoy the view, go for a walk or listen to some music. It can be anything you enjoy doing for a few moments. Have a look where you think you need boundaries? Do you need them for a situation or people? Walk thru your day and set your intention for each appointment. Really feel the energy you would like to contribute at that precise moment in your day. Make sure that you have your own boundaries set. Take a few moment to enjoy the day. After this you can let it go and trust that your day will be exactly that. You will have a wonderful day. Just a day you wished for!


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