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Levels Of Insight by Karen Monteverdi, CPC

Anyone can become open to the idea that we exist on multiple levels of awareness; the mind, the body, the spirit, and having the experience of emotions and feelings. There are those who have been deemed by our society through the use of labels as being “overly sensitive”. This seems to be true for so many who are experiencing social anxiety. They become overwhelmed by their senses and sometimes become confused or scared.

There are different levels of social anxiety and the topic of choice today is mild social anxiety. When we find ourselves not wanting to go to the Christmas party because we are afraid of being judged, or making that call to a prospective client because we might be turned away, the last example might be giving a speech in front of a group.  These types of social anxiety are deemed as mild because we can often talk ourselves into doing what we have committed to do, but we are still feeling the pressure about doing them.

Sometimes though, there are “gifted” people who become overwhelmed when interacting with others. Overwhelm can be stemmed from the fact that those who are awakening to their “gift” feel everything around them, it is sensory overwhelm. There is a time when one first begins to become aware of their ability to sense more than that can be experienced with the five senses. Five senses are described as hearing, seeing, smelling tasting and feeling (sensory body awareness.) We all have the ability to use our extra senses and create perceptions that are beyond what has been known in our society as normal awareness. There are those who have honed this insight into a fine machine of awareness. Once mastery of insight has been attained we are able to offer a treasure trove of information.  

You may be one who has honed their ability to perceive, or may be on your way to mastery. For those who have attained mastery we would like to share with you; your talents are needed by those described in the next sentence. 

There are those who are beginning to open up to the understanding that this gift is available and are interested in pursuing the knowledge. The already are aware of their sensitivity to social situations. Now is the time for those who have attained mastery and those who are beginning to awaken to learn to use that information in helpful and service-oriented ways.

In this article we look at the basic levels of insight, what we deem as the four levels that each person can begin to hone their gifts of extra senses of awareness. Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, a book found on Amazon dot com, allows one to recognize the mind can be distracted by negative habits of learned social behaviors.  The opportunity for those who use the guide is to begin to understand that the way a brain is wired today is formed by the beliefs of the perceptions and viewpoints of how to operate in our society. Through self-reflection, introspective work, along with an awareness of all the tools available in the body can assist us in creating a better life for ourselves.

The guidance provided within the book uses examples of the “hard-wiring” of the brain. This “hard-wiring” can be affected easily and effortlessly through technique of coaching. Coaching or working with anyone who is at higher levels of awareness will allow new perceptions to be realized. 

There are pitfalls caused by the living in an ego-based society. We can have an experience of stubbing our toe on a chair. The experiencer depending on their current viewpoint will interpret the experience and perception. They may have a level of insight that is clear and true, or one that is tainted by their limited viewpoint of ego. The key topic of discussion is to become a clear vessel by removing the ego based thought patterns that produce blame, shame, and guilt. 

When one becomes a clean vessel for the perceptions there is a whole new opportunity for new Levels of Insight. So what are these Levels of Insight; below is a short description of common ideas about what they are from a social perspective. You may want to look at them and offer another explanation from your perspective. We encourage you to leave your comments below the article so we may expand our awareness of your perceptions. Thank You, now for the Levels of Insight:

 Reflective Insight: The ability to step back from an experience and notice what worked and what did not. Removing blame and judgment, in order to be able to take logical corrective actions to improve future experiences.

 Emotional Insight: The ability to detect and decipher the information received by emotions. Emotions convey multiple levels of information, yet many people have not learned how to use their emotions as a gage for this valuable treasure trove of insight. We will go into deeper detail about Emotional Insight in the workbook Emotions Are Tools Period!

 Inspiration Insight: Intuition leads naturally to inspiration and creativity. Inspiration occurs when all the pieces fit together like a puzzle and something is seen in a new perspective. This is where new possibilities arise, problem solving exists and opportunities open up that were never observed previously. Inspiration takes you into a leadership roll. As a leader you move into a new direction, expanding into productive alternatives.

Intuitive Insight: The ability to detect dynamics and information that lie just below the surface of a situation. Hunches and pattern detection are examples of intuition; typically used when all the information is not available. With the complexity and speed of our world today, we need to make educated guesses. Understanding the difference between assumptions and intuition is essential for interpersonal relationships and team building. The difference between assumptions and intuition is this, with assumption we see a pattern and assume it is all that exists, we see the pattern as factual proof. When we take 100% responsibility for our intuition and confirm our insight with the others involved, we create a reality check.

You can also create reality checks within yourself about patterns by checking in with your mind/body/spirit. You do this by asking the question and waiting for ideas, thoughts or words that pop into your brain. Watch for ego based thoughts.


Karen works as a Transformational Life Coach, assisting people in realizing their highest light by Living Consciously!

Karen’s training has incorporated bodywork, biology, physics, quantum physics, meditation, centered relaxation, exploration of beliefs to promote health, aliveness, empowerment and balance in life.

Karen Monteverdi, CPC received her certification through the International Coach Academy, and coaches, locally, nationally, and internationally. Karen’s personal style of coaching has been greatly influenced by The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World

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  • Karen Monteverdi, CPC

    Hi Renee,

    I received several comments from this article. I have permission to share one of them.

    “Hi Karen,

    I would be lost without my Intuition in both my life and business. It is one of the most powerful tools a coach can have since it helps deepen the process and success for our clients.

    Since I am a Professional Intuitive as well as a coach, I blend my gifts with my training to give another dimension to the work my clients are doing. It has been invaluable in allowing new perspectives to arise that lead to much more profound discussions and revelations that may not have been considered otherwise. It really is amazing just what can come up at times. lol

    Even surprises me!!

    And being able to teach and guide my clients in using several, proprietary Intuitive techniques I have developed, helps them to have tools they can take with them into their lives to heal themselves during and beyond our work together. I find it most gratifying when they reach that point of being able to heal themselves!!

    And, if I may change the topic for a moment, I am now, as part of my work, implementing a Coaches Resource offering to provide or teach some of my proprietary methods to other coaches, consultants, and holistic practitioners for their personal and professional use. If anyone is interested in the details on how this can expand their business and be of additional benefit to their clients, they can contact me direct or schedule an appointment through my TimeDriver link at the bottom of my signature.

    Thank you Karen for opening this discussion!

    Elaine Lockard BA, CMEC, CTACC, CHP, CM
    Executive Coach, Intuitive Business Mentor, Leadership and Strategic Consultant
    Put Your Higher Self In Charge of Your Income!
    Office – 757.877.1440 | Fax – 815.377.2658
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    Author of “21 Ways to Ease Foot Pain”- Amazon Bestseller!
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