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Live your life in a rainbow

The white light streams down, to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow.  ~Charles R. Brown

It was interesting to read your thoughts and comments on my previous blog.  The way we look at our lives and use a bubble as an image.  Most of us right away associate this with colours or one specific colour.  It throws the most amazing descriptions.  Light blue with dark patches or after working through the darker colours in the rainbow, I have now arrived in the lighter part of the rainbow.  Even by looking back, some of you could see the colours changing.  The feeling of dark and heavy colours have changed into lighter shades.  Funnily enough, colours are an amazing tool to explain our emotions.  It gives us a chance to look at our own lives from a distance, even when we are still in the centre of it.  This way we are able to analyze our own ways of thinking about any given situation that we might be in right now.

In our conversations we use colours to explain behaviour as well as to give stories more character.  ‘I’m feeling blue today’ or ‘while telling her story she turned completely red’.  To explain that someone has knowledge in a particular area, we might say, ‘ask Ria. She has green fingers’.  You might also tell your friends, ‘today I’m giving my husband the red carpet treatment’.  We all know what we are talking about.  For some reason it gives us a whole new way of explaining ourselves.

This made me think about my own life and the way I view my days.  If my day has been filled with traffic jams (go slows as they so beautifully put it here), encountered many angry and yelling people and to top it all, my kids came home in their own colourful moods, my day can be really black.  Having said that, it is quite possible that after a good family dinner, I end up laughing about my day, and end it in a beautiful blue and green.

If my day starts off with me waking up very rested, going with the flow and of course my to-do list is small, all the light colours come to mind.  It gives me a completely new perspective on my day.  It is almost as if I can take out my colour scheme and fill in my day.  If it is necessary to change the atmosphere of the day, I need to find a different colour.  It seems that when we use colours we can better connect to our heart.  The ego gets out of the way and our true feelings are able to surface a lot more, if not totally.  The social correct feeling or the feeling of the group we are in, has no control over our own colours.  That is something that is coming from own our authentic self.

To connect with our heart we can shift our perspective and the atmosphere of the day.  If we are able to change the colour, then more positive thoughts will come with the chosen colour.  As we are aware colours do point out certain behaviour and emotions as well.  It is important to figure out which of them belongs to our own colour scheme.  Sit back and take your time to know if you have chosen this colour yourself or that, maybe it is what you think you need to choose.

As you said, the rainbow is endless.  So why not select your colour scheme to flourish your day.  This way you will end up with a masterpiece.

© Renee Vos de Wael 2011


  • jolande de grijs

    HI renee,

    Nature needs the sun (male) and water (female) and the invisible creative force to treat us with a beautiful rainbow. For me life is about balancing those energies to become the purest prism possible.

    love Jolande

  • coachinu

    Thanks for your post. It gave me a lot to reflect on. Colors are such a wonderful way of expressing one self. It could be a great tool to help people describe how they feel. Present them with a palet of colors and get them to choose which one represents them better today. Then ask them to explain what that color means to them. You will have them opening up in no time.

  • Grant A. Watson

    HI! Renee, the rainbow has most often become a visual representative of the chakras for me. I have for some time blissed at the visual essence of the anchor points of my spirit being the same as the atmosphere illuminated by the magic of light through water. It never ceases to amaze me to think how intrigate the mechanics of the spectrum and yet how obvious it would be for spirit to align with the colours of the atmosphere we live in. The level being reversed is the mirror and there I’ll be…Love always keep up the good work…:)

  • Lloyd L. Sevigny

    I read your entire article with growing interest. I worked for over 40 years in the field of graphic arts and I have lived with colors most of my life. However I hadn’t thought about the spectrums of daily living. I feel like a blue-green person much of the day. I never feel red as I am a calm and compassionate person. I very rarely feel yellow but I am feeling the colors of the changing Autumn leaves in Montreal. This is my kind of rainbow, the colors of nature. I have never thought about looking at other people in my daily life to see them in “color”. But now as I write this I am aware of the colors of some friends and acquaintances. And it is an unusual thought process. Because as with Autumn in the trees, it is now also Autumn in the people. A veritable kaleidoscope presents itself to me now. Thanks for helping me to shift my perspective and think fresh and intriguing concepts. Sat Nam
    Lloyd L. Sevigny

  • gordonyumibe

    Hello Rene, first time that I had something to say after reading some of your writing. I have been residing in an illuminated spiritual space for some time now. It initially started with a blue light which I felt was a feminine presence and eventually evolved into a rainbow colored spectrum which completely enveloped my whole inner space. The light bridge is a continual presence which I can access by just closing my eyes…it is being channeled out into the interior lights of ones I have encountered…a healing gridwork of light.

  • sandyseeber

    This a beautiful article and it reminds me on colour therapies who have been around a lot in the nineties. Yesterday, coincidentally I was thinking about colours in my life and how some of them have changed and so have I. I feel green…

  • Cynthia Ann Tanner-Schumaker

    Thank you Renee, I am becoming more aware of things everyday. I appreciate your post. I’m feeling multi-colored today, just the way I want my life to be. Love & Hugs

  • anna campbell

    Thank you for your thoughtful writing. It inspires me to think of colors for my day so that I can push away negative energy… I often think of clear white lights to feel myself purified and energized and I do like to think of those I love surrounded in pink light…. I to think that color add emotions and intense energy to our environment and that they are indeed helpful not just to describe us but to help us become…. thank you for sharing.

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