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making a wish list for 2012

In dream consciousness… we make things happen by wishing them, because we are not only the observer of what we experience but also the creator. ~ Pir Vilayat Khan

Writing a wish list, great!  I remember has a kid that this gave me a wonderful feeling. The feeling of unlimited possibility’s off choices and emotions to choose from.  The thought of any thing is possible gave me an overwhelming feeling and it was so hard to think of things to put on the list.  The list could grow over pages and pages, later I would get pictures out of magazines.  Just to make sure that it was clear what I had put on my list.  In my teens there was of course the adding of a kiss under the mistletoe, romantic dance at the party.  Just the thought of all these things that I wished for at the time, is giving me a big smile.

Over time the feelings and emotions changed, we get to understand that there is no Santa and that it is all up to us to get the presents in order.  There was even a period that it was so clear that this wasn’t a happy time at all and wishing for any thing was clearly a waste of time.  This year I would like it to be different. This hasn’t been a normal year and had many ups and downs.  But I really would like to write one again. There is a lot to wish for and to make it come about.  It is up to us to make it happen.  To make our wishes happen we need a list.  We write them all the time, shopping list, to do list, and so on. So here we go!

This year for 2012 I wish,……………….

I wish good health for my family, friends and myself.  When you’re in good health it is so much easier to be the best person you are.  It helps us to see it all in the right perspective. It helps us to dream more, bigger and openly.  Good health helps us to think positively and be helpful to other.  All this give us the energy to see the adventures in our live as they are, no smaller or bigger.  It gives us the change to be the best with all our talents and to share this with every one around us.

I wish trust for my family, friends and myself.  Trust one another and most importantly in yourself.  Trust will take away fear.  Fear is a way of thinking and acting and this will block us to be the best we are.  To trust that all is well.  It can be so simple to see that there is no right way or wrong way, just your way.  This is always good enough.  We are always good enough.  There is no limit to things, friendships, not even life it selves.

I wish prosperity for my family, friends and myself.  The invitation to have the possibility to do what you love and to be who you want to be.  This can take a way the limited way of looking at our live.  The sky is limitlessly, if we are willing to look at it in that matter. Miracles happen all the time, small ones and big ones. This opens up a whole new wish list I know, but it is important for us to take the first step.  Look at the opportunity’s knocking at our door and just go with it.

I wish fun, laughter and enjoyment for my family, friends and myself. That this may be a start of a new adventure with no holding back any more.

What is on your wish list?

Love Renee

I’m writing this wish list together with Sandy Seeber from CORE and Vision. Sandy Seeber left behind all that she knew, travelled around the world and found the key to happiness. As founder of “CORE and Vision” she has merged her sales management background with her passion for helping others to inspire and encourage others to follow their heart and dreams. Sandy is a qualified Life & Intuitive Coach and with her natural ability to see the true potential in people she supports many on their own journey towards a balanced and a fulfilled life. Please hop over to her site to read what is on her wish list. http://sandyseeber.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/wish-list-top-7-secrets-for-your-dreams-to-come-true


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