Moving past fear…….

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. ~ Mark Twain

Fear what does that mean to you?  This is a word that is used very often and sometimes I wonder if it is really a bad thing.  Fear is an emotion that comes naturally as a situation is dangerous or when we were taught that a situation is dangerous. Especially as parents we spend a lot of time explaining to our kids when they should be alert and pay attention.  As they do look at situations from a completely differently point of view.  It also depends on where you grow up. Your point of reference to danger and how to react is different then as well.  We often get confused if something is really a danger to us or that we think it is dangerous.  Shouldn’t we only feel fear in a life and death situation?

These day’s we are so often witness to some one else’s problems that this makes it sometimes difficult to notice the difference between being an observer or that the trouble is truly in our own life’s.  The combination with the pressure in our day to day life which is most of the time very high. It can feel like a real thread for example in work situations, social pressure or financial responsibilities.  It can become so scary that you become fearful of all this.  We would completely forget that these moments are learning and growing moments in our life.  These are the great adventures we tell about later to our friends and families, because we know that all is well again.

What is it we need to ensure that we can move past these feelings?  So that life will not be that all eating monster that makes you fearful.  A good start is to wonder if it  is your own fear or that it is the fear of some one else.  Try to write a list for yourself when the feeling of fear does come up.  It can be that you are a real empathic person and you feel the fear of other people in your environment.  This can be  overwhelming and it feels as it is truly yours.  Looking from a distance we can see it is not the case and the responsibility should go back to the rightful owner.  When we go thru the list, it is a lot easier to put all the situations into the right category.  All that is not yours can be given back right away and wish them good luck.

If these emotions are yours, then it becomes important to look at them as single individuals.  We all know the feeling after a party and it is time to clean up the room.  This can be an overpowering feeling.  So it is important to make this a smaller task.  We all have our own system to clean a big messy room in smaller steps.  The same steps we can use to look at our fears and make this smaller. What is really in our own control and what is the part we need to let go. To make sure that we can grow. These circumstances need space to venture out and to get bigger and stronger to support us. Is it not true that if you like to reach your new destination you need to leave your old one? Only then you can see where you have gotten and how beautiful the journey was to get there. Even if there were some hick ups along the way.

What tips do you have to share with other travellers?

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21 thoughts on “Moving past fear…….

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  4. Sandra Seibert says:

    Hi Renee, I really like the point of checking if it is our own fear or the fear of someone else. Finding an inner healthy distance to what others fear without being ignorant and still caring can help stay in an healthy place or reduce our own fears. Thanks for your inspiration. Sandra

  5. coachinu says:

    That’s a very interesting perspective. I never though about it but it makes sense. Making sure that the source of your fear belongs to you. Nice reading. Thanks.

  6. Judit Regev says:

    Great blog Renee 🙂
    We must remember one thing: Fear and Love can not coexist.
    One must hold on to love and fear will go away…

    “Blessings of Love and Abundance!”

    Judit Regev

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  8. Lloyd Sevigny says:

    Fear ( False Evidence Appearing Real) is nothing to fear! It is a mental construct, and as such, is not truly real. Who or what is cause to fear? Absolutely nothing in this world is cause for fear. Substitute the word action for fear and when a moment of uncertainty comes upon one, then action is required to change the situation, nothing more. Fear is only a concept of our combined learned past consciousness thus one can choose to play the game of fear or choose action instead. The world is full of anger, anxiety, pain, and paranoia which are all a result of fear. An awakened consciousness will take action in every sense of the word, i.e. – physical action and psychological action to deal with ANY situation. Fear is an old concept and is no longer a necessary reaction to any situation. Positive affirmative action can change the world and allow love to spring spontaneously into each and every life. It truly is simply a matter of choice…which do you choose?

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