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“My Soul Longs to Live and Breathe Poetry”

My soul longs to live and breathe poetry

To write from the depths of my inner being

Freeing myself from society’s woes

Celebrating the artistic part of me often unknown


To write is like creating a masterpiece of art

A beautiful sculpture of my own making

Words on the page finding their own space on the page before me

Befitting surprise and delight from me


Breathing life into words

Becomes me as I dance with joy in my soul

Poetry quiets my busy human mind

Creating a space for harmony to reside in its place


A poet am I

Dancing with words in the twilight and at dawn

Bringing new meaning to my life

As I become transformed by words of grace and known to myself once more


My heart enchanted and at one with this interchange of words

From the universe brought to my mind

As my fingers do their own ballet and type happily

With almost a mind of their own – so it seems to be to me


I am never alone with my poetry as it comforts who I am inside

And awakens my higher self to clarity and more vision

Like a treasure found in the depths of an ocean

I find out who I am and my life’s purpose is deepened and elevated


I rejoice with the rhythm of poetic prose

As it strikes no distance between your heart and mine

Bringing us closer to the spiritual doorway

And who we really are in the heavenly domain


Passion unfolded, friends with this discovery; this writing craft

Merging harmoniously is my hope

Within the hearts and minds of others

As they read my poetry


In sync with this Oneness between us made manifest

Poetry and prose complete who I am

Bringing the best parts of myself forth

And repairing the hurt places within my life’s journey


A new sunset, a new sunrise

A new and precious opportunity to write once more

As I delight and find favor in this relationship

Between me and my musical prose


Noticing I am transformed as my soul rejoices

Realizing my inner being is drawing from the well of the divine

Awareness and great meaning are the gifts

Brought to me in living and breathing poetry

By; Denise Thorpe



  • Steven Dierkes

    Please excuse my reply as I am not a Poet. However I felt compelled to comment on this. What I got out of this is while we are all quilty these days and in these times of being so busy we forget to take a timeout for the things we love and most dearest to our souls life passes us by feeling a bit of emptiness. With the inspiration I received from this poem I applaud this poet for reminding me to take that timeout and go to that happy place to do that one thing to sooth my heart & soul. Thank you Denise Thorpe

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