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Reading of the week; 30 June 2013

Do you know that feeling of working hard and putting all your energy into creating something new and better, but it doesn’t work for some reason or every time you think you have found your new job or home and it goes to someone else.  This is exactly what this week’s messages is all about.  We need to let go of the old, so that we make space for the new to come in.  This is essential for the hard work to manifest into that we have been working on so hard.  It has been a big challenge for myself as well, so this message came in loud and clear.  Lets try to be quite and say goodbye to what is no longer working for us. Say thanks for that part of our lives that has been wonderful and took us a long way ahead, but it is time to move on. This way we can start with the new adventure designed just for us!

Love Renee


  • Eugenia

    Hi Renee!

    Thank you for a clear message for this week, it seems to be THE message around and my heart is open to take it on board and keep growing. This question keeps popping and I don’t know what it is there for: it seems to me this path takes so much effort; what is it I am not doing as I should. What is making it so hard to learn or is it just as it is and the learning path just takes time and I need to see it as a process.

    A big hug and lots of light!


    • Renée Vos de Wael

      That is so True Eugenia. The feeling I get is that we are willing to, but there is some old deep deep believe that it is not that simple. I guess it is a learning path with grand prices to come into our lives. We all deserve the best to come in!

  • Tineje Rausch

    Lieve Rene,

    Dank je voor dit mooie bericht, het is op zo’n moment dat wij dit zo goed kunnen gebruiken.

    Liefs Tineke

  • Enrique Astengo-López

    Hi Renée, thanks for this reading (30 June), it has a great timing. I recieved the same message from other sources last week.

  • Poppy

    Once again, right on the mark – had to take a few deep breaths after this reading…resonated so deeply…and what a relief to give myself permission to “let go”…

    Thanks again Renee,

    Love and Light to You and Yours…

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