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Sharing my big love of essential oils with you, #youngliving.

Adding some self-love to my day! Young Living has been a supplier of happy thoughts, relax feeling and carefree days. The last thing I thought would happen me writing about Young Living and even become a distributor of essential oils. The funny thing is, I got so many questions about my passion with essential oils that I thought let’s make it official. So here we are, I am a Young Living distributor. Of course, being me, I didn’t know what to talk about anymore. Seriously sometimes I have about laugh about myself.

Being proud of what you do is some of the first self-love actions you can take. I know this of course simply because I had to learn the hard way. Going thru the whole cycle of feeling not good enough, meeting people who were eager to tell me that I wasn’t worthy of anything as it suited their agenda well. We all have our journey and learning our lessons. I am very grateful for these people in my life. They have learned me valuable lessons and these have created many opportunities for me. To tell you the truth, I don’t want to take away these lessons for you. They are important! What I would like to offer is a space to talk. To share with you some tips about self-love, taking care of yourself. Having your space with happy thoughts relaxed feelings and carefree days. As we all deserve these moments and yes even whole days.

Come over and connect with me. I have opened up space for you. We can talk anything that is of value to you at this moment. Where are you looking to make some changes? I can speak to you about the importance of self-care and how to add this slowly and steadily in your day. Click here on this link, just come on over!



One of my favourite oils to leave tumultuous times behind me is sitting down with Stress Away. This is an oil that is always in my bag, well only at those moments when my kids have taken it our of my bag. You know how this goes. First, everyone is laughing about these little bottles, and then, of course, they understand why. Kids learn fast :).

Are you ready to make a change today? I’m ready to talk to you, just let me know when! 

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