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Spring Clean time!

Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.  ~Gene Tunney

It is spring time on this side of the world. Time to start getting ready for starting fresh. Planting seeds, so these can grow during the summer and then you can harvest it in the autumn. In your personal life, it is also a good moment to start looking inside yourself. What is it that you need to get ready for spring and leave the winter behind. Time to clean up! Time to finish what you have started and to make sure that the promises you have made to others are fulfilled as well. These thoughts of having to remember the promises otherwise keep coming back and back into your mind and will take time and energy away from other events of your life.

Of course, there is also the body side that is ready for some cleaning up. Coming out of winter we need a different kind of food to nurture our body. We needed to stay warm and healthy for the winter. Now the day’s are changing, and it’s time to open up and go outside. While you are ready my words, I’ll be in the beautiful KaliYoga resort working on just that. (I love technology that I can still talk to you!) Our lives are busy these day’s, and we don’t always pay attention to what we eat and how fast we eat it. Do we drink enough water during the day? Of course, we all know that this is important to make sure our body has a way to transport our toxins out of our body. But to be honest, we sometimes don’t even take the time to breathe normally. To take the time during the day to spend taking care of our body. Play sports, go dancing or give your body some peace and quiet. To find the right balance with it all. Spring is a good moment (right now) to start again. To make sure that we can get up in the morning and feel full of energy to go and tackle the day ahead. Our body is the one that will take us around, makes the first impression when meeting new people. Our body is amazing, it just keeps going and every day brings us where we would like to go. So it is important that in a way to say thank you and take excellent care of it. We all know what it is like when we’re ill and our body has to give up. It tells us, no more! Time to rest. At the beginning of spring, it is a good moment to take time and see what it needs and give it a new fresh start. We do it with the environment we life in, why not with our body?

What is the number one thing your body needs right now?

Namaste Renée
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  • Tempo Life Coaching

    Enjoy the retreat! It sounds lovely! A few weeks ago I started on an food makeover plan. I’m eating entirely differently, fresh, nonprocessed. I feel better, refreshed. My body is appreciating this transformation! Love your post :).

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