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Stop being selfish; the world needs you!


There is always a reason why we are trying to fit in. In the back-to-school weeks after a holiday, there are moments when it is just easier to be quiet and listen to those organising the department or those volunteering to be class mum. The thing is, we always find a reason we should wait to be ourselves. Don’t get me wrong; it has worked for us for years, so why stop right?

There is never a right moment. It always feels like there are one or two things that have to change before we can be ourselves, before we can share our ideas and show our true colours during a meeting. Well let me be the bad guy here: NOW is the perfect time to start being your unique self. Why? We need you! We need you during the department meeting or the PTA gathering. We seriously need you to be you and to stand up for your great ideas. We need new thoughts and actions. You being you will bring the real change to your life, and my life as well.

We all know about the ripple effect and how it works. Easier said than done, yes, but sometimes the easy way is not the happy way. We’ve all been there; watching someone walk away with our idea that we thought the world wasn’t ready for. That’s the thing; if something is ready to be shared it’s going to pop up in our thoughts. That’s how this works and if you don’t act on it, someone else will.

Five reasons why you probably haven’t taken any action yet:

1) Not Sure Where To Start. You have an idea for a new design, product, or service, but you don’t know where or how to begin to act on your idea.

2) Fear. You’re afraid you aren’t smart, skilled, or qualified enough to act on such a plan or you’re scared that if you do take action, it’ll result in failure.

3) You’ll Start Tomorrow. You know it’s an excellent idea, you’re excited about it and you want to start; but you keep putting it off, and it never happens.

4) There Are Already A Lot Of Similar Ideas Out There. Your idea isn’t new in the sense that something similar already exists; your idea consists of doing it differently.

5) Why Me. With so many ideas already out there and so many people taking action every day and many of them failing, what makes you think you’ll be the one who makes it and is successful?

Do any or all of these sound familiar? I can relate to several of these reasons. Stop being selfish; the world needs you! Our ideas are exactly that, they’re ours and no one else’s. Fair enough.

But remember, some ideas could potentially make a difference in the lives of others. Ideas that could change the way we do things, the way we act, the way we think, the way we live – and all for the better. These are the ideas with the potential to make our lives better, easier, happier, healthier.

Here’s how to move from an idea into action:

Write Down All of Your Ideas. DO NOT bypass this step! It is one of the most important things you can do to free up space in your mind. If you are holding all of your ideas in your mind, it’s probably very crowded in there. Get all of your ideas out on paper. This step frees a lot of mental energy and is the first step toward clarity. Trust me!
Organize Your Ideas. Create a mind map. List your ideas into categories. For example: projects, programs, books, videos, etc. When your ideas are jumbled in your head, it is hard to make sense of them. Once you write them out and organize them, you begin to see the larger picture and how your ideas fit together.
Prioritize Your Ideas. Looking at the overall picture, which step comes first? Is there a sequence you can follow that leads to your overall destination? If you aren’t sure, start with the easiest idea first. Once you start implementing your ideas, your confidence builds and you start getting more throughput.
PICK ONE and GET STARTED. You don’t have to have the whole plan figured out before you start down the path. I see so many people stuck in this phase. You don’t have to know all of the details of how your destiny will unfold. You just have to start walking in that direction. The path will be revealed to you as you go forward.
Don’t feel you have to stay stuck with your unique ideas, message me. I would love to help you streamline your thoughts and break them into manageable action items. We will sit down together and map out which steps are necessary to bring your idea to fruition. It helps tremendously to have someone help you untangle all of your ideas, get clear on what needs to happen first and create action plans for making your ideas a reality.

The world is ready and waiting for you!

Lots of love,


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