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Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes life is just overwhelming. It takes us on a ride, on a to-do list that, most of the time, is not even ours. We wake up and do our thing, get the kids ready for school, go to work, or whatever first stumbles in front of our feet. There is no rhythm; we just […]

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  “Expectations are resentments under construction” – Anne Lamott After having the worst and best year of my life in 2016, it hit me that we are mid-way through November; the beginning of the big season – the family holiday season.  I found myself on the floor, flat faced more than once this year. I […]

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Really, a life coach! What the heck is that?

Really, a life coach! What the heck is that? Even after six years of coaching, I still get that question. It is a darn time I write something down about this, as I guess this will be helpful. The best step is to have clear communication in life, so being a coach in this area, […]

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Cypress essential oil. True benefits

The actual benefits of Cypressus sempervirens for horses are a great help working on your horse’s health. Cypress comes from a Greek word “sempervivens” meaning “live forever.” Cypress essential oil eases muscular cramps and rheumatism in older horses. Its styptic action can contribute to arrest bleeding when placed on a dressing and used with a […]

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