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The Beginning is always today

Happy Ostrara, new beginnings, spring! It is always a happy time. I love spring. Spring is bringing out its new colors, it is growing new things. It is starting new things; I am always surprised about nature because all of a sudden in the strangest places, you’ll find new flowers coming out, plants growing in strange places. It is just amazing to see, it starts off with the little ones. They are small, but strong and fierce to start to break out. They announce that more light is coming and winter is coming to an end. Later, all the other plants, flowers and trees are starting to add to the colors and growing their new beginnings. It is just a really colorful time, which starts slowly and then finds its own momentum. This invites people to come out of their house, getting the BBQ ready, inviting others around for more get-togethers. This also is sign of new beginnings! Of course, new beginnings we can do every day, but it is nice to have a period to start anew. Sometimes we take the beginning of a new year, but everyone has that in the same date. The Chinese have a different time of the year, they look at the moon and when it is has 12 new moons. There are many different cultures that celebrate new beginning on different days and dates.


For me, it always literally feels in my body as new beginnings as soon as spring starts to show present to me. Normally that is during the middle of March, when you really start to enjoy the colors. For some reason, it calms me down. It gives me a feeling of support; you could say that this is the time to start something new. Even saying good-bye to something old. I can create space for something that is really welcome in my life. The last few months have been strangely difficult. I don’t mean this in a work sense, but more in the sense of feeling uncomfortable in my own body. Coming out of a period of time where I had to be smaller than I was, and where I tried to fit in to a situation that just didn’t fit. It was a typical story of round peg and square whole. This had all to do with me and nothing to do with anyone else. Now I am in a new phase, new beginnings and something old is completely over. I can say goodbye, clean up and keep all the good that was there as well. But I guess it is, as when you start wearing clothes that really fit and suit, you need to get used to that feeling of fitting in. It is that adjusting period that is giving me a strange feeling. Adjusting isn’t always as simple as it sounds, even if it is bringing everything you need. That everything that you’ve had on your wish list is there or arriving into your life. This is very surprising to me. It is really time to receive and it is completely okay to do so. All those things I dreamed about and really desired to manifest; they are all here for me. Some are already completely immersed into my life, while other things are on the way so to speak. This is my new beginning.


I am really starting to embrace this receiving and this experience I really wanted to share with you. This is something completely new; I am stumbling into receiving and worthiness of good things happening to me.

What I have noticed is that to truly receive you need to:

  1. Slow down. Because when you slow down, there is an opportunity to really notice that what you wished for is really here. The other interesting thing you then realize is that this is really making you happy. The feeling in your body is wonderful. It gives you an opportunity to be really aware of this new beginning in your life.
  2. Being Thankful. Being thankful, for the manifestation of better and new in your life. People/opportunities that are in your life, also all the new people/opportunities in your life. This is in your life by invitation only! The last thing to be thankful for is for the people/situation that have left you be. It was good, but now it is time to move forward. These things are just not welcome into your life any more.

These 2 things are helpful to start anew and to embrace the new beginnings.


You know what new beginning you can invite and embrace. Nature is giving us a beautiful example, let’s follow it. What would you like to invite and embrace right now?


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