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The burning question…….

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill


Keeping your mind in a good condition.  It is the mind that will make our day.  The mind will let us sense if an event is good fun or a total disaster.  This is the right spot to start taking care of yourself.  To make sure that every moment out of our day is a good moment. What does it take to make sure that our mind is in a good condition? To make sure that we have control over what needs to be translated in to positive senses. We are the ones that can make the decision if we enjoy a moment or not.  We have the tendency to look around us first to see what other are sensing and then follow to make sure we fit in.  Follow you own senses and your environment will be okay with that.  Give other the space to do the same. This way you are still together in the same situation. Just with another experience. Have time for yourself, calming down and breath deeply into your whole body.

Today is your day! Today your in charge .

Namaste Renée
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