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The positive note

Happiness is a choice, Today I choose to be Happy! ♥Have a great day!


  • Gayvenda Kessler

    I enjoyed your recent blog on “sinking spells”, as my great grandmother, grandmother and mother have talked about them my entire life. However, until I read your story, I had not made the connection to myself. I am an artist, too. “Having fun” time is a great way to override ego! I haven’t been able to paint for several weeks as if I’m in a painter’s block, but when I read your blog I realized that to me, painting is fun! And seeing it in that light has broken my “dry spell” with painting! I plan to start again mid-morning when the light is strongest in my living room.

    I love your “down to earth” wisdom! I read your other blog on picking up stones and related to it because all my life my mother has picked up stones as she traveled the US and has made the most beautiful “stone arrangement” on her back porch…and she can just about tell me where each stone came from. She has a bowl or river rocks she’s collected in her kitchen window, also.

    But back to those sinking spells, thank you so much for writing about them! I enjoy writing,too. My goal over the holidays is to get that painting of those 4 dogs done! One dog at a time…lol. Merry Christmas and may the blessings of the holiday season abound…

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Thank you so much for sharing! I love it :). Enjoy your down time over the next few weeks. 2013 needs all of us to be ready. Love Renee

  • Tammy Sirois

    I LOVE the card above about ‘Happiness Being a Choice’, as I am genereally a happy, easy-going person, but … not so much these days; life is crumbling around me and its hard to stay focused on that ‘being happy’. Currently have lost my job due to the closing of a program, going thru a separation and my teenage son is failing school and finds it pointless to even be there. On top of all that, I have to manage my health due to MS & depression that go hand-in-hand.

    Now with all that said, where do I start finding my ‘happy place’?? The holdiday season is stressful enough without everything piled on top; as well I hate the commercialization of it all.

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      It is important to step away from the commercialization. It is not important and when it makes you stressful. Just enjoy the beautiful decoration, try to go out and help others. By sharing your time, it will give you an opportunity to connect with your happy place again. Love Renee

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