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This is your invitation

Spending an amazing week at the Omega Institute last week has given me a lot of gratitude. The people I’ve met this week, all brought something special to my week. We’ve laughed, had emotional moments as well, but we all invited one another in to our heart space.  This was so healing, a special experience. Being back in my own home and checking in with the message for this week, my guides were very clear to share with you this experience and energy. This is your invitation to invite other like-minded people and experiences into your lives and let them help you. To be part of the adventures you are encountering at this moment.  In a way they will make sure that you are safe, lend a listening ear and be part of a new start. This invite will give you a start to connect with people and situation that suit you.

Click to go to the video :)
Click to go to the video 🙂

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