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To flow with your intuition by Marsha Massino

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  ~Albert Einstein

Intuition is often a subtle thing.  It is like a whisper, a breeze across your cheek.  In order to notice it you must give it your full attention.  You must also be a clear channel in order to receive a message.

It is also important to keep your chakras clear and balanced to guard against any interference with your intuition.  This is akin to tuning your radio.  If you are not exactly tuned in to the station you will hear static.  The static will distract you from the message, and perhaps you won’t hear what is trying to come through.  Another thing I like to do and that I was taught, is to move my body to allow my intuition to flow.  You can do anything you like:  exercise, dance to your favorite music, get out your hula hoop and swing your hips, swim, play tennis, or take a walk.  It’s amazing how well this works to get you out of your logical, rational thinking mind.  Guided meditations are another tool I like to use to help amplify my intuition.  Meditations are soothing to the spirit and calming to the soul.  This is especially true in 2012 when many people are feeling less settled, feeling anxious.  Allowing the mind to relax and be gently led can help move from the rational, logical mind into a more open, receiving state of mind.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you first open up to the concept of intuition is synchronicity.  For example, the guy on the radio will talk about dominoes, then you get to work and your boss will say something about dominoes.  At lunch, the conversation will somehow mysteriously come around to dominoes.  Then, when you get home, your husband will bring up the topic of dominoes, telling you he hasn’t played for years, but he’s been invited to play by a friend.  Synchronicity will continue to occur.  It Is your intuition speaking to you.  I think of it almost like the microphone checks before a concert begins.  “Check, check, check…1,2,3, is anyone in there listening?”

fluorite and quartz
fluorite and quartz

Crystals work wonderfully as aides to intuition.  There are many books written about crystals and which types you should use, and for what purpose.  My personal favorite is, “Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals – The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom” by Melody.  This is an older book, but a tried and true one.  My personal favorites are fluorite and quartz.  I have inserted a picture of rainbow fluorite above.  Quartz comes in many forms and has many properties.

My first interaction with a large smokey quartz skull back in the late ‘90s took me by surprise.  I held the crystal skull in my lap (he weighed about 20 pounds) and he told me with no hesitation that I was not ready for him yet.  I held him for a while after that because the energy was so reassuring and loving.  I visited with him at least once after that, as he was in the care of a friend.

Intuition to me is like a buried treasure.  You never know what you’ll find, but it’s worth digging to find it and I encourage everyone to try it out.  You don’t need special equipment or an investment of years of study (a degree) in order to use it.

I believe we are all born with the gift of intuition and that it is a matter of whether or not we have come to rely more in our rational, thinking mind or our intuitive mind.

Marsha Massino


Marsha has studied the art of Astrology for 35 years and is currently enrolled in Noel Tyl’s Astrology Master’s Degree Certification Program.  Noel Tyl is a world- renowned astrologer who has written thirty-three textbooks on astrology.  Marsha has been doing professional astrology readings for the past 10 years and uses intuition in those readings.  Marsha is also Reiki Master, having been first attuned to Reiki in 1994.  She brings this wonderful energy with her in all that she does. Marsha has also studied with Sonia Choquette, completing her level 3 Six SensoryTM certification.  It was with Sonia’s guidance that Marsha was able to fine tune her intuitive skills.

Please find Marsha on Facebook at her page called Guided by Intuition.  She would be honored if you would “like” her page.  She has a blog linked to that page that you can sign up to follow that is also linked up with her website, surprisingly named, www.GuidedByIntuition.com


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