When do you need to figure out the right direction?

The time is always now!

This is of course the idea to follow your own direction in life and I have read a lot of books on this topic, that you should follow your dreams/intuition. To live in the now and not get distracted by the past nor the future. Breath before making any decisions. But still what is it that makes it all so difficult? What is it that we can get so full of ourselves and others that we stop following our dreams or just lose track of the direction we were going? Who decides what the right direction is any way………….

For one, I don’t know why, the opinions of other people get valued as more important than what feels right to the person involved. If you look at the definition of opinions; ” personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty”. It is not even proven nor a certainty, still a lot of us give it a lot of power. For some of us  it is even more important to please the opinion of others than to follow the direction which is right for us. How easy is it to give away the power to another person but not to take it back. It seems to make our lives better and more at ease. I just wonder if it really does.  By doing this you somehow loose a part of your identity which makes it really hard to decide what is truly the right direction to take for you. It interferes with your own intuition, so it starts to become difficult to read your natural body warnings and stress signs, let alone what decisions to take in your own personal life. I wonder if this is the reason why there are so many unhappy people around these days. We are neglecting or forgetting what is right for ourselves. I do remember as a teenager telling my parents that I know what is right for me, and not to worry because I won’t get into any trouble. Now in my 40’s, I sometimes wonder what happened to that teenager, because I find myself struggling to figure out what is right for me.

What I do know,   ……….   it is important to figure out what the right thing is for you.  Now that my kids are getting older and they have a lot of why questions, it becomes prevalent that I lead by example, which is finding out which direction is right for me, as they are a mirror of myself and my kids.  They have their own directions and dreams but it is important that they don’t lose themselves along the way.  By coming back to me and finding the right path for me I am certain it can only have a positive impact on all my loved ones at the same time.  I do tell myself it is not a race and I’m not that teenager anymore.  It is okay to change your mind and take another route as long as it is your own.  Is there a wrong direction, I don’t think so.  My only measure is that it is my idea, decision or opinion I am following.  Along the way you do have life throwing crash courses with load of knowledge at you, but you can tailor them for yourself by taking out what is apt for you and your situation at that moment in time.

So lets take it one step at the time, into my direction…….

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