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Where are you?

Do you know that feeling that there is something missing in your day?  It is almost strange to walk around with that feeling of searching for something even if you’re not sure.  It gives you an action plan to keep checking if you have everything with you or maybe you have left something behind. This is one of these times where you are loosing energy.

The guidance for this week is a very important one. It is time for you to show up in your own day.  This is your experience; you have manifested this day, so get involved in it. Claim your spot, before someone else is walking away with yours.  You will not make any mistakes by claiming your own place; you will just get more involved in something you really will enjoy.  Your life! Your loved ones, co workers and people you have not met yet will be very happy for you to take part of your own manifestion.


So step into it your day, it is your present.


Lots of love,





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