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Which Direction Do You Choose To Take?

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. Jim Rohn  

A long weekend is coming up on our side of the world and we have decided to travel.  As we live in Africa, it takes a lot of preparations towards the date when we finally drive off.  So all the paperwork is filled in and the authorities are dealt with.  We drive, together with three other families and accompanying security personnel to the border.  We know that the real negotiations will start then, because we need to dash (A small pay-off of cash) the right people in order to receive the correct stamps, so that we can cross the border.  There are three gates and all require different dash amounts.  We are ‘fresh fish’ and our appearance gives away the fact that we are not from their part of the world.  So their voices are louder and their facial expressions stronger.  I choose to take a step back, because this is not my game.  It is interesting to see it for what it is.  This is their job, their livelihood and today they are in luck with us tourists.  So we decide to not yell back, but to try and understand the rules.  This is my choice and I decide the direction I take.

At the next gate it was I, who helped them.  Our car was parked in front of a truck and the truck was ready to go.  We were told to park there and my husband left the car to organize the next set of stamps and forms.  So there was no man in the car.  Of course I had the car keys and can drive the car, but I am not a man.  The men surrounding my car didn’t know what to do.  I was very curious as to what they were going to do.  Finally, a man came towards me, I thought perhaps he is going to move my car away, but instead he came  to ask me, where the driver was.  I told him that he was getting the paperwork organized.  They know as well as I that it can take anything between ten minutes to four hours.  A big sigh on his side, so I decide to step in and ask what the problem was, maybe I could help?  Well… The car has to be moved, so it is not something I could do.  But I do have the key, and so I can do it.  The men made sure that NO one was around my car, because Madam was going to drive.  It took me thirty seconds to move the car.  But the men were very impressed, so maybe I have changed their perception about women and cars.  Also, I could be who I am and this is so nice to take the experience for what it is worth.  Nothing more nor less, just take my own direction.

It is not always easy to take a step back, because others will try to pull you into their game.  They will keep changing the rules, just to make sure that you are always one step behind.  It is up to you to make a decision on where you want to go.  Maybe they get angry or upset because you take off towards your own direction.  They will understand at one point or another.  Some will join you on this new direction and others will say goodbye to you.

There is no wrong way or right way, but there is your way.

© Renee Vos de Wael 2011


  • vinod jethmalani

    Very well said. You must have it YOUR way.
    Once you know YOUR way to truth, peace, happiness and strength, which is achieved by Self Realisation, your path is clear. And remember, every one follows the clear path and not YOU. So you just have to become a leader and prove your leadership by showing them the Path. Even if you don’t show the path or become a leader, any one looking for a Clean Path in LIfe will always follow you.
    Thanks for the invite.
    Please check my new blog -Understanding the Soul at:
    vinod jethmalani

  • Sarah-Jane

    I really enjoyed this post. I changed my direction recently in a local shop and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. S x

  • Renee

    Renee, thank you once again for your inspiring way of examining the seemingly small things that, in truth, add up to being important steps moving us in the direction of Joy, or away from our Joy. This message came to me on the perfect day for me as I am choosing my next direction, and I appreciate you! Blessings, Renee

  • Katrien Hens

    Loved to read it and yes, it is important to choose and follow your own direction, but sometimes ohhhh so difficult … So good to be reminded ! X

  • Anne Hage

    Just love this one—You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.
    so I borrowed it….

    So true….
    thats what we all should keep in mind….that nothing really is impossible…
    just go for your dreams….thats what I do!!!!


  • Alan Seale

    Love this post, Renee! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and great wisdom! I tried to Like this post, but for some reason it wouldn’t accept my WordPress login.

  • jolande de grijs

    One of the essential principles in life is that we all are connected and One. What ever direction you take, you still will be connected. If there is a lesson to be learned you can not hide nor run. There will be a moment that you have to face difficult situations and you will learn to master the energy within yourself to deal with even the most challenging border patroller. It looks to me that you approached them with understanding and respect for yourself and respect for them.
    For sure one of the laws of the universe is that you reap what you sow so over the last three years I worked on my mental attitude to discover that suddenly the authorities have become so much friendlier! Renee, you know my problems I had with authorities, but now that I have taken the step to see them as my inspiration to work on my patience the whole energy transformed. But…… sometimes my patience is pushed to much and I am my old frustated self. A good laugh about this is very healing!
    love Jolande

  • Sandra Seibert

    Hi Renee,
    I really like your story and the connection to finding our own direction.
    Sometimes it is difficult to know which way to go. I think it is essential to follow our own direction. To be able to even know our own direction, we need to connect with our inner self, our own truth and story, so we are able to see the direction we want to choose..
    Self awareness, the aim and desire about where we want to be and how it would be if we were there at that destination we imagine, helps us to choose our direction and to take a first single step.
    Along the way there are barriers and roadblocks, and it is hard to stay on track and follow your own path.
    it is important to choose again and again, holding on to the new direction and staying in touch with yourself and your own way of growing and transforming.
    Just keep going and be yourself.
    I have chosen different directions many times in my life and I love to help my clients to find their own way, choose their own direction and move forward, step by step, connected to their own essence.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story,
    Sandra Seibert
    Joyful Growth Coach

  • Prabha

    Hi Renee,

    What a great story to share. As you say we need to take our own direction, not because of what we can prove but because it is the direction you want to take.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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