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YES, I am back!

Newsbrief april2014

Yes, I am back! It is good to be back as well. I missed our interaction a lot. This was a difficult choice to make. Taking a break from it all; my daily interaction and work I truly love to do. There was too much going on at the same time and I was loosing my own authentic voice. Some of you were noticing that as well. It felt like I could only think in terms of would this bring me more likes or more comments to my page. Is this what “people” would like me to write about? It became a marketing thing, instead of listening to my heart and sharing the messages I was getting. Some of them are weird I know, but it is important to share them any way. Not everything we do and say have to make sense. Sometimes it is has to make sense to the receiving end of the message. Meaning you and I don’t need to sensor anything for you. With all the different people coming into my life it started to get crowed and I wasn’t able to see who was good for me and who was only there to teach me.

It was time to go back and get in touch with my own heart desire. Not every one that enters our lives we should give a prominent position. It will get very crowed quickly and in big crowds it is difficult to think and get in touch with your own intuition. On a side note we were also in the process of moving from the amazing continent of Africa to the buzzing continent of Asia. This is of course a big thing and needed my attention as well. Although it wasn’t what was weighing on me the most.

It has been a healing experience to be able to go back and ground myself. To get back to my own roots of desire! I look forward being able to offer healing and growth as a coach, working together with the most amazing people. I know the next buzzing word is building tribes. For me all these new words and tools to get out in the world to reach people has come down to the simplicity of change. For seeing the simple things in our own lives that make us unique and lets enjoy them, but most importantly share our true self out there. This will help us to become that what we already are. We are already unique creative people in our own way. Embracing this and sharing this will bring all that we need and even more.

I don’t want to start filling up your mailbox. Here you will enjoy my weekly pondering. If you like to hear more of me please join me on my new Face book page.  This is my place were I like to be active, full of uplifting messages and fun activities to try out. Simply because it is important to have the choice what is entering into your life!

You can always connect with me, I am just an email away.

Lots of love



  • Poppy

    Welcome Back Renee!

    So good to get another dose of your perspective…thanks so much for your honesty and integrity, although I must say I always found your posts were from the heart and never felt that I was being manipulated or getting a sales pitch – perhaps you were just coming from a different place in your heart – such a complex place, The Heart, don’t you think?!

    Looking forward to future insights and inspirations! :>

    All the very best on that magnificent journey to Your Heart’s Desire!

    Light, Love and Blessings to You and Yours!


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