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Yes, I am sure!

Yes, I am sure! I don’t want it. It is all yours, you’ve created it and loved it. It has nothing to do with me. I kindly decline.

It starts to become very apparent to me, that more and more we try to give our story to our close one, the way we think we try to “share” with loved ones. There is nothing wrong with sharing, but it needs to be a free sharing. It is the strings attached to our story is something that is holding us back and most important it is keeping our friend, family or even people we hardly know back as well.

Most of the time it comes from the standpoint of meaning well. Or it comes from a point that our view/way of thinking is correct. I know, I have been very guilty of letting other stories into my life. Thinking they know, because they have so many followers or have written books and of course crucial these people are very successful.

I came to the conclusion that this is a habit that I needed to stop. It is a way of giving away my power and to honest none of my teachers have ever asked me to this. The support from my teachers and my dear friend have always been the complete opposite! Do recognize this as well?

Taking time to think about how to approach this kind of situations and how to tend to get stuck. Getting stuck for the simple reason because you believe that your authentic voice is not the correct way or it is even wrong.self-love

As most of you know I am in love with my essential oils and truly and honestly like to talk with others about it. In these sessions, it is all about you and how this can add to some beautiful smelling self-love. It is a coaching session but now with a sweet smell to it. They feedback been to my invitations have been 50/50. I have people reply to me: “please don’t sell me things,” and that was it. I have people taking the opportunity to reconnect with me. You probably already know which 50% gets more attention right?

I had to take some time out for this. For the simple reason, it made me somber, and that was something I was doing. It was clearly time to take some responsibility for my thinking. For the simple reason because this was my story that I am creating. Why would I create a negative voice for something I apparently love doing. It was time to take charge and not make others responsible for my ending of the story. They have their story, and that is entirely separate from mine. I am very grateful for the feedback I am receiving. It is time to give back what is not mine. To know where I start and end as well. To be honest and trust the outcome. It feels to me, if you put the right energy into what we love, it will grow. They right people will show up.

Join me in a 30 min session all about self-love. Let’s talk about how we can make our day better! Smell the roses. Our connection will be the best 30 minutes you’ve added to your day this week. Just click here unknown



Working on some Self-Love at home, I can recommend Harmony essential oil. This a totally sure thing! It is an amazing calming oil. It is an excellent way to start your day with or just to have in your bag to create little love moments during the day. It is also a great oil to wear as a perfume. You can appreciate all the compliments you will be getting all day long!

To give you a little bit more background about this lovely oil:

Harmony Essential Oil Blend contains 17 oils:

harmony-young-living-essential-oilSandalwood essential oil which is high in sesquiterpenes which stimulate the brain, center of our emotions. Traditionally used in yoga and meditation. Also very supportive to the skin. Lavender essential oil is said to be the “swiss army knife” of oils, so useful in so many ways. It is known to be calming and helps one to relax. Also, may help promote a more restful night of sleep. Ylang Ylang essential oil is on of my favorite aromas and is extremely balancing to male and female energies. May help restore confidence. Frankincense essential oil stimulating to the mind, and supportive of the respiratory system and skin. Orange essential oil is elevating and stimulating to the mind. It is also calming to the mind in times of anxiousness. Angelica essential oil helps to restore good memories prior a bad memory, helps release negative feelings. Geranium essential oil supports the liver and pancreas. It is also immune supporting and helps balance hormones. Hyssop essential oil is known to be spiritually and emotionally balancing. Spanish Sage essential oil high in D-limonene, supporting at a cellular level. Spruce essential oil helps restore emotional blocks, allows feelings of grounding and balance. Traditionally spruce oil was believed to be the oil of prosperity. Coriander essential oil which is excellent for supporting digestion, good for occasional nausea and a terrific immune supporter. Bergamot essential oil is a relaxing citrus oil. May help with anxiousness. Lemon essential oil is both invigorating and stimulating, promotes a sense of well-being and mood boosting. Jasmine essential oil is uplifting and helps with feelings of lost hope and anxiousness. Roman Chamomile essential oil helps with restlessness and occasional nervous tension. Supports the liver, where it is said that anger is stored. Palmarosa essential oil is supporting/enhancing to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency of all oils. It promotes a sense of balance and harmony. Rose is mind elevating


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