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101 reasons to find yourself a Coach

When Renee asked me to share what having a coach means to me I’ll be honest, I felt stuck.

I didn’t know where to start.

I didn’t know how to explain how life altering working with a coach has been for me.

All of the personal insights.

The freedom of self.

The deep and incredible inner and outer shifts.

The surrender.

The confidence.

The forgiveness.

The joy.

All of these things that have come from deep exploration.

From tearing down the walls.

From allowing guidance, kindness and support into my life.

From trusting and opening up.

From accepting myself.

How do I share the profound peace, purpose, passion and joy with you in just a few hundred words?

So instead, I’d like to share with you 101 things that you can shift, change, embrace, allow or achieve in your life with the help of a kind hearted, non-judgmental, supportive and loving Coach:


  1. Decide what you want in life and make it happen
  2. Set goals
  3. Get organised
  4. Make time for yourself
  5. Release overwhelm
  6. Get unstuck
  7. Forgive yourself and others
  8. Learn to love yourself
  9. Identify what’s holding you back and let it go
  10. Live
  11. Love
  12. Surrender
  13. Embrace your passions
  14. Feel purposeful
  15. Feel peaceful
  16. Share
  17. Laugh
  18. Embrace your feminine side
  19. Trust your intuition
  20. Travel
  21. Start or end a relationship
  22. Change jobs
  23. Make decisions
  24. Be bold
  25. Be brave
  26. Be adventurous
  27. Respect yourself
  28. Release your fears
  29. Release resistance
  30. Connect with your higher self
  31. Learn to meditate
  32. Learn to journal
  33. Nurture yourself
  34. Be healthy
  35. Be accountable
  36. Start a business
  37. Start a blog
  38. Start afresh
  39. Believe in yourself
  40. Plan your day, your week or your life
  41. Mend relationships
  42. Let go of the relationships that drain you
  43. Get more sleep
  44. Get out in nature
  45. Learn to be still
  46. Identify the things you love to do and do them
  47. Get clear about how you want to feel and how to feel that way more often
  48. Make more money
  49. Save more money
  50. Embrace abundance
  51. Find your soul mate
  52. Find your soul purpose
  53. Be generous
  54. Be selfish (in the most beautiful and remarkable way)
  55. Connect with your creativity
  56. Dance
  57. Laugh
  58. Play
  59. Dream
  60. Do
  61. Get out of your own way
  62. Be grateful
  63. Be kind to yourself and others
  64. Nurture your inner child
  65. Get from where you are to where you want to be
  66. Feel alive
  67. Feel encouraged
  68. Feel supported
  69. Step outside your comfort zone
  70. Learn to trust
  71. Take down the walls
  72. Set boundaries
  73. Live on purpose
  74. Feel fulfilled
  75. Get your balance
  76. Be comfortable in your own skin
  77. Ditch self-sabotage
  78. Get fit
  79. Get energetic
  80. Get excited
  81. Embrace success (whatever that means to you)
  82. Take action
  83. Attract the things, people, feelings and situations you’d like into your life
  84. Feel strong
  85. Feel sexy
  86. Feel beautiful
  87. Feel hopeful
  88. Manifest your dreams
  89. Get clear
  90. Get focused
  91. Get started
  92. Feel motivated
  93. Practise gratitude
  94. Practise mindfulness
  95. Celebrate yourself
  96. Honour yourself
  97. Be honest
  98. Be authentic
  99. Be inspired
  100. Be free
  101. Be you

I hope this list has given you an idea of the incredible gifts a coach can help you bring into your life.

I truly hope this list will help you feel inspired and hopeful; because change is possible. You deserve to live an incredible life and you, beautiful soul, have permission to love yourself, to be kind to yourself, to nurture yourself and to live your dreams.

If you’re ready and open to the experience, coaching can help you love deeply, live completely and shine brightly. If you’re ready to love yourself, to love your life and to make your mark, your coach is out there ready to hold your hand and guide you on that beautiful journey home to your Self.

Sarah x

Sarah JensenSarah Jensen is a coach and writer who will help you take charge, build confidence and create the freedom and fulfilment you crave in life. Her focus is on helping you get unstuck and making practical, sustainable change so you can make your dream life your real life.

Sarah loves getting lost in a good book, exploring the world and laughing loudly and often. She’s a passionate advocate for honesty, connection and real world change.

Connect with Sarah on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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