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The question to ask!

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart”~ unknown


There are moments in your day, week that you wonder.  Wonder if you did understand correctly or if you are reading the signs correctly.  When it is bugging you and it keeps coming back in different form or the nudges are getting stronger, you are not interpreted this incorrectly. You are spot on!  You are being helped and are asked to move forward. In the beginning it is like a kindly asking, but if you are not picking up, the kindly asking are becoming stronger and stronger. The moment that you hit the wall and the only thing that can be done is to make a change.

We’re all wondering how can we make our life better, easier, more healthier and so on. With these thought we are manifesting for something better.  To make these wishes concrete we need to take action.  The best example is of course if you want to meet wonderful new people, the love of your life. You need to get out and about. Otherwise these wonderful new people or the love of your life doesn’t know about your existence.  The same thing with inviting new opportunity’s, new circumstances, different kind of people.  To get in better health we all know we need to make changes. Maybe to do more sport or less sports because you are over doing it.  If you want less complaining in your life, it is up to you to complain less.  This way you will meet other people who have a different view and before you know it your view is a lot more positive.

Interesting enough this can be difficult.  To be open for the change in your life, it is important to let go of the past.  This is the part where fear comes lurking around the corner.  Because although  the thought of a different life, including all we wish for, is unknown to us.  Is it actually going to be better or is this better only for others?  Do we know what we want and maybe the way it is right now is not so bad at all?  To let go and move forward means that maybe there are people that will not move on with you. Because they are not ready or that they have a different opinion. Even if you have no intention of changing any one else around you, but because you are changing the energy is changing. When you like to introduce more sports into you life, this means you won’t go out as much any more. The next step is probably that you don’t go out as much. Which means that the group of people you normally meet in the evenings, you are going to see less, right?  If you look at this situation from a distance it makes complete sense. Are you ready for it?  For sure you are going to meet different people. People who are in the same rhythm as you. This also means that people you would see in the evening you are now going to see less.

The first step is of course you have to start changing your own view.  To take another example, instead of complaining about the traffic, think of a way to make it better. I do realize that with your thoughts alone about the congested highway’s are not going to change this fact, but your attitude towards it can.  Maybe by listening to an audible book. This way you can still read a good book while being stuck in traffic. Then there are the options of podcasts and some idea’s that are unique to you.  It will give you a whole new topic to talk about when you reach your destination. This new way of approaching, what was a problem first, will give you a chance to travel in to a new world. You will arrive at your destination and be in a complete different mood. Others around you will notice and before you know it, there are different kind of people coming into your life.  As you can image this is only your view towards the traffic, there are some many other subjects to tackle.

The most important question for you is; “Is this situation or person bringing the best out of me?”.  If this is not the case it is time to make a change. That change  you are ready for right now!

Namaste Renée

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  • Mathilda (Tilly) Miria-Tairea

    Thank you Renee for that insight. I love the picture and the quote!”…. Learn to trust your heart” that is an ongoing challenge, when I have ego and mind saying something else, and reasoning, and the heart gently prodding… tis a dilemma. Nevertheless, I believe one’s attitude has a lot to do with the way we perceive cirumstances and how we react or respond to those circumstances in our lives. “The most important question for you is; “Is this situation or person bringing the best out of me?”. If this is not the case it is time to make a change. That change you are ready for right now” – that is the Q I have been asking myself and slowly making incremental changes, not wholesale changes..Sending you blessings in abundance – sending you peace, joy, <3 and light!

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      My compliments to you! Taking charge and to have the courage to look yourself in the eye. This is self love and you will attract wonderful new opportunities into your life. Keep me posted on how you are going. Love Renée

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