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On second thought, it is a bit much at the moment

People look at me and complement me on how calm and relax I am. But you know right at this moment it is a bit much. For some reason this is not expected of me. Being always up beat and looking for the positive in any situation. 

To give you a look at what kind of reactions I get. I thought I’ll share some the questions I get asked. One could be;  “You’ve been moving for the last 14 year, this must be easy for you and your family. You all have so much experience.” Hmmm, well it is in a way, but not all the time. As every country is different and we do change over time and what is important to us is different as well this time around. Another fun question I get is “but you are a life coach, so dealing with stressful situations like these much be easy.” To be honest, knowing what to do, doesn’t make it any easier. We’re all just human and there are day’s and situation, that the only thing that left to do is screaming really loud.  It clears out a lot of frustration. After that we can start again.  The question of the week has been, “but you’re psychic, you see all this coming! Right?” Hummmm, no this is not how these things works. But to be honest is does make me laugh really hard and gave me back my sense of humor. This make sure that I am standing with 2 feet on the ground.

Thinking about all these questions and wondering about why do we humans think the way we do. We make very quickly assumptions and react acordingly.
Moving around in to different countries has given me a lot of knowledge and my patience as been tested over and over and over again. But we all have these periods in our lives where this happens and sometimes they are short term and sometimes they go on for every. The thing that is different for me this time is, I am willing to talk about it. After being burned out from it all, gained weight to much from it during another move, hide inside the new home my last move. It is this time for a tool that works. I am sharing and talking about all the things that are happening around me.
It is your choice how you would like to spend the rest of your life.It is simple, I feel overwhelmed and know for sure that I am not the only one. Being overwhelmed happens to the best of us. Busy week, important project, having a sick loved one to take care of on top of  your already busy live, being a new parent and trying to juggle all the new stuff that is being thrown at you and trying to be your “normal” self. There are many more scenarios that come to my mind. It is important to remember that you are not the only one. It is very normal that you are overwhelmed and there is no need to be ashamed. It is very simple realise that there is a point that you know it is enough and lets be honest this realisation will be that moment when we crack and it is probably not the moment that is the roughest. The moment that we crack is when it is has been enough. That famous last straw.
Lets not wait for that last straw this time. Have a dialogue about it with friends, family. Tell them about all the things that have been happening lately, I really need help or can you just listen to me. If you know some one, pick up the phone, drop by with some coffee and just be there. It is not so much the doing that is important at this moment it is more the being in these situation that will make the difference.
Lots of love!
Ps: I am here and ready to listen and I love coffee :).


  • Tilly Dunn

    Hi Renee, I so relate to all that you are saying. Had je geschreven dat je Nederlands prat? Ik ben het vergeten. Ik maak spelfouten. Maar dat geeft niet. Ik ben zo blij dat wij nu in verband zijn met elkaar. Een hele wereld is bezig voor mij te vormen. Ik ben eindelijk genezen. Ik kijk uit naar waneer wij elkaar ZIEN!!! Dat zal spannend zijn. Ik hou van jou en ik denk aan jou. Heb een hele fijne week. Met heel veel liefs, Thilde (Tilly).

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Tilly! Leuk dat je in het Nederlands schrijft. Stuur maar een berichtje om een afspraak te maken. Happy to be part of your life :).

  • Barbara

    He René … It’s been a long time since we have seen each other .. But I read your communications with interest and invariably pick up elements that help me and / or see expressed in words how I feel (I’m not too good in words …).

    This is the first time though, that I felt compelled to respond.

    Why is that I wonder ? …

    Because I too am always considered to have it all figured out ? Although currently not on top: today my wallet was stolen, I am struggling with my personal life, my best friend probably feels I have not helped her enough in her time of need.. Etc…

    Indeed we are all human (although I do not have the gift of premonitions !)… What does give me strengths and clarity is that I honestly try to do my best every day and consider life ‘ a bit’ as a game and as long as I do the best that I can, it’s ok …
    It’s all ok … Take care,
    love, Barbara

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Great to hear from you Barbara!Trying to do our best is indeed the best way to show up. Sharing yourself as honestly possible. How we are understood is then out of our hands :).

  • Sheila

    Good Morning Ren’ee

    I’m very much over whelmed by having to deal with past life situations and presant ongoing situations in my life. I have been repeatedly told since I was a young teenager that I have this gift to heal and told many times I’m afraid to use it and intimidated by it and have some self doubt about my abilities. As true as all that i have said to you just now, I am also experiencing for some time now an urgency to learn more about this gift of healing i’m told I have. I also have been told recently, don’t delay, time is of importance that what ever it is im suppose to learn and work with of this gift could disapear into a fog like my life has been for years, knowing there is something more spiritual I’m suppose to be doing. Im told there have been many forces or someone has a hand in minipulating and blocking my abilities for my gift to fully manifest itself within me and come forward for me to be the true authentic person im meant to be and the sucess it will bring me.Im so over whelmed as I am now accepting with out any doubt my abilities and striving in every possible way through sites such as yours to educate my self as I have no former training nor assistance in helping me bring my full abilities to reality. I feel I will miss the opportunity of gaining wisdom and learning to use my abilities do to iggnorance and lack of support and finacial situation.

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Thank you for sharing Sheila. You’re never to late, you are always exactly where you need to be. There are a lot of resources for free to learn and know that all the knowledge is within you. Take you time to connect with you body and listen to it. love Renee

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