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A pair of new eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

It is interesting to see what a different view does in regards to your own life. I do remember reading this story; ” a man and women are looking outside of their window looking at one of the neighbours hanging out her laundry. The women are making comments about how dirty and grey the laundry looks and wonders if this person has no idea about how to properly clean. The next day her husband cleans the windows of their home, and a little bit later they look at the side and have an entirely different view on the laundry hanging outside. It was not that the neighbour didn’t know how to wash her laundry, but it was the view that made it all grey and dirty”. Isn’t it interesting that it is not important what you do yourself, but how clear the view of others is about us? This is a view we sometimes give a lot of power over our own view.

When we look at it this way, it provides us with a clear view of why it doesn’t matter what other think of us. Because we have no idea with what kind of “clean” view they are looking at us. If the view is cluttered with negative self-talk, not feeling well in their body or even just not paying attention to what is happening around them at all. Some people around us don’t even notice that we are nervous or tired. Just because they are very busy with their own thoughts. It is the task for ourselves to make sure what we are thinking in a way that is making sense. If we take much notice of trouble makers around us, we are not rewarding ourselves for the amazing things we are sharing on a day to day basis.

Have a look around, where are your trouble makers? I’m pretty sure you know who they are. Troublemakers love drama. Everyone around them functions as a support for them. Whether they appear as your overbearing mother, your manic boss, your needy friend or your stubborn spouse, trouble makers in your life share a particular destructive pattern that holds you back from doing what you love to do. For exploring new things, being silly and just to go on an adventure! But as much as you are being exploited by these trouble makers, you too, are using these people to your own flow. This is where you need to step up and start looking for a different approach. In a way that your day will work for you. And YES, of course, we can change this, and in the beginning, it is scary. Especially when the universe open up’s new opportunity’s, we have a tendency to say, hmm, well yes, I would like to but not that fast. It is funny how this works, but be brave and just go with the flow of this new feeling. What nothing will happen is not in the best interest for you, we can always go back to the old. But just give it a go, it might be something to keep into our repertoire!

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