We all have big dreams, these dreams we feel within ourselves. Like you, I have so many big dreams, magical goals and over the years they all come true. In my twenties I wanted to live in many different countries, well so far these are the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, USA, Nigeria, Singapore and now Canada. In my thirties, I wanted to learn to help others heal and found amazing teachers in human massage, equine massage, Reiki, energy healing, mediumship to mention a few. Now in my forties, I truly want to help you reach your goals because I know it is possible! To be really honest with you, it is already here.

My name is Renee Vos de Wael, I am a coach, but not in the traditional sense of the word. I rarely set goals or chase outcomes. Weird right and at the end of our session you’ve moved forward. You are actually reaching your desired destinations.

I’m going to be really honest. There are usually only five key reasons why people first come to me for a coaching session.
Here they are:

•Life Crisis
Life has given them a ‘curve ball’ and they are having an internal/external crisis
They have been unhappy for a long time, and can’t run away from it any longer, but don’t know what to do next
•Burn Out
They are on the brink of burn out and their body (and everyone around them) is telling them they need help
•Relationship Breakdown
There has been a breakdown in a significant family or business relationship, and they don’t know how to navigate their way through the conflict
•Wake up call
They realize their life is so far from when they thought they’d be ‘by now’ and don’t know how to correct things

They usually feel trapped by life, overwhelmed by the demands, and fear what would happen if they stopped or changed the direction of their life.
The reason why I attract these clients is simple.
I’ve been there and I know what it’s like.
More importantly, I know how to navigate through these crisis moments. And let me tell you now, it rarely has anything to do with ‘doing more’. Or ‘being more’.
It’s about quieting the mind. Letting the heart speak. It knows all the answers you are looking for.
So if any of the above 5 key circumstances resonate with you, or if you’re feeling confused overwhelmed and unsure what to do next, get in touch and let’s work through it together.

Let get together, book you get to know you right here

Kind words to share with you:

I am so thankful for my experience with Renee. Over the past couple of months, I have grown tremendously through her coaching. Renee’s gentle intuitive guidance has helped me to uncover some deep-seated personal obstacles. She led me through these obstacles and helped me to discover personal power and direction for purpose in my life.

Renee’s intuition, knowledge and personality made me feel open to trusting the process without reservations. Although the miles lay between us , there was no distance to speak of. Renee is a truly gifted intuitive coach and my experience with her has been a blessing.

Thank you Renee from the bottom of my heart!


Renee de Vos de Wael is a great coach. From the first day I signed up for the six week mindful eating program, I knew that I was about to enter a magical experience. Renee listens deeply and compassionately and has a sixth sense about how and when to encourage the most relevant ‘knowing’ to come to the surface from within me. Even though the goal was to release weight, much of our time was spent coaching around the rest of my life, and some very interesting insights came to light in that time, thanks to some great coaching by Renee.

The links between what happened in my day, and how I ate really started to reveal a pattern, which was both surprising and amazing. Without Renee as my coach, I’m not sure that these insights would have come to light. The program requirements included some restrictions in food but with Renee’s support I was able to work through the program so it was modified to suit what I knew would work best for “me”.

Anytime I have ever restricted foods (or my much beloved one cup of coffee upon waking) it has led to weight gain because I have a very active rebel living in me who only wants to eat what she’s been told she can’t. And so, even while “Cheating” on the program as outlined by Colette Baron Reid, with Renee’s support, I managed to lose seven inches and who knows how much weight (I haven’t weighted myself yet).

The CBR program and the coaching by Renee worked beautifully together, so that by the end of the six week period, I was able to make some significant shifts in my eating habits. Thanks so much, Renee, you are a gem!

Sue Person