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There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Adventure, doesn’t only have different definitions, it also brings different emotions to the surface.  Some things can be either scary or very exciting.  Sometimes, that what is for one person a big adventure, can be just a daily routine for another.  Some of us might be interested in having many adventures in our lives and others might not want one.  These are choices and are neither good nor bad but simply different perspectives to share.

My family and I live the lives of expats , moving from country to country for a few years at a time.  I am not sure if this is a well thought through life style.  The reason why we made this choice was because, we wanted to travel in combination with our work and this has resulted in our moving around the globe.  Our children find this lifestyle normal and have only now begun  to realize that not every one packs up their bags, every two years to go unpack in another country. For some, this would be a nightmare.

However, for me personally, it is an opportunity to learn, in different ways and on several different levels.  It gives me chances to add to my intuitive gifts and to search for solutions  in anything that crosses my path.  For example writing in English, which is not my first language as well as writing this blog, is a big challenge for me.  After 12 years of living my nomadic life, I try to test my own boundaries.  What language do I use when day dreaming?  Dutch or English?  This is not easy, because I certainly think in both, and sometimes even at the same time.  That does produce a very interesting language.

So, for my family and me the definition of adventure has changed over time.  When I left my home country I made my husband swear that we would move home after an x amount of time.  Now, I still have so much to see and do, that to move home is not a priority.  I feel very blessed to live this way.

I do have friends that love the city or the village they live in.  Moving around is not their adventure.  They however, have different adventures in their life, and I really admire them for their ability to do so.  For example, to take care of kids with challenges.  These friends have taken their particular adventure and made it a big success.  They also have their ups and downs, but then every day they take their adventures and find a way to succeed.  Others perhaps have chosen the path of being the best in their job and to manage a family of 3 kids along with it.

Sometimes we don’t even make a conscious choice when picking our adventure.  The routes and directions appear out of nowhere or we just go with the flow and don’t have to think about it too much.  Sometimes, we feel there is no choice at all, but for me that is a choice too.  Every day you are given a choice to take on the adventure of a brand new day.  Even if it is just to make the choice not to join in and to watch from the sidelines.  Perhaps, to give yourself the time to think a bit more about it.

Some of the adventures take a day and sometimes they are with us for a life time.  So, we can take it as it is.  Even if, it wasn’t by choice.


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  • Sarah-Jane

    Fabulous post and I had a little giggle to myself at you day dreaming in ‘Denglish’ – Life is either a daring adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

  • Clelia

    Hi Renee,

    I like your approach on Adventure. Adventure really comes down to how you define it? Adventure has inherent in it a level of ‘risk’ and many people can be uncomfortable with risk. Adventure almost always means a certain amount of ‘change’ if not a lot of change. Sometimes, Adventure comes through planning and sometimes it becomes a choice out of a circumstance that you may not have planned on. For example, about 10 years ago, we went on an all-inclusive family trip to the Dominican Republic with another family. We were told to check the communication board daily for any changes to our flight information. We did so religiously. Finally a notice came that our plane was delayed and would be leaving in the evening instead of the morning. So off the gang went….back to tanning, reading, swimming etc. etc. As we lay there enjoying the sun, we watch a plane fly overhead and we think, ‘Ha, lucky us, we still get to sit here while their vacation is over’. Well as it turned out, the new information that was posted was taken from the bulletin board and the plane we ‘laughed’ at was OUR plane and we missed our flight. 9 people left stranded in the Dominican as flights only go out weekly. The men were immediately furious because they wanted and needed to get back to work so we feverishly tried to find flights. Took most of the day but we managed to get 6 seats on a plane in 2 days. As it turned out, when they arrived (in a near by city that is an hour from home), a limousine picked them up loaded with pop and pizza and drove them back home. So in the end, this was a lot of stress but we chose to see it as an adventure that we could look back on with laughter and always have a good story to tell. So perhaps in the moment situations look difficult but with a little perspective, sometimes, they can be a ‘grand adventure’!

  • Dominique

    Lovely thoughts Renee, well done ! I will definitaly think of you when I have had a hectic day and didn’t do anything of my ‘to do list’. It will feel more happy of the decisions I had to take and other jobs I did do instead. And would say for tomorrow in Dutch ‘pluk de dag’ like ‘harvest your day’ and enjoy. Love Dominique

  • Marcus Grooms

    Renee, thank you for the article. As a military brat I too moved every two or so years growing up. I found it normal and had a hard time staying in one place to establish a network or routine. The funny thing is, my wife and I are planning our exploratory trip in a couple of weeks to move out of the USA to Central America. I am ready to go, my wife, still has some unanswered questions in her mind. The timing of your article is refreshing, so thank you!

  • Suzan McCreadie

    Neil and I are about to put down a massive amount of money for a bootcamp type business coaching, promising to propel us from just making it every month to actually running a business and enjoying more of life at the same time. We know it’s going to be hard work, painful changes, tough decisions and unlearning of bad business habits… It will be an adventure of a year starting in September, and we are scared but excited!

  • whatifbybradleywallis

    I guess my adventure has been my lifes exsistence and the failure to recognize what I came here to accomplish in the first place. After recognizing at a young age that i could see and talk with OTHERS and being told this was not something our family does,I soon got wrapped up in this worlds illusion so badly it took a hit over my head {car accident} to get me to see things as they really are. I had what we as humans call a near death experience and was asked if I would come back to teach and i agreed. So this is what I now do with the help of my wife who is a channel. We put on seminars, I have written 2 books so far,and we teach humans what this life is really about. We have a weekly radio show on BLOGTALKRADIO and no questions from the audience are off limits. Just be prepared for your answers.My lifes adventure will be to continue to teach and learn and share with all.

  • lauren

    This Article got me to thinking. I think when it comes to this people may think different things: Like i do believe Adventures can be good for you, however you don’t know where it will take you or what the outcome will be. I’m one who doesn’t want to risk it because i feel safe where i am, but then i think if you don’t take a chance, you could be missing out on something life changing that will benefit as you grow and learn as a person.

  • Kieran Revell - 'The Success Wizard'

    Hi Renee.

    I too have travelled extensively, calling a dozen places home. Some I loved, others less so but each was part of my adventure and life journey. They all worked together to develop me into the person I am and strive to be.

    I’m not totally content to be in one place for an extended period of time: I love travel and experiencing contact with others from diverse backgrounds. I’m drawn by the adventure we can all create if we only step out of the comfort zone and embrace all life has to offer – good and not so.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your journey. Never say never – it will only create an enormous void in your life.



  • Bill White, The Synchronicity Expert

    Wow, I really enjoyed this post, and your story of how you are living your life is so exciting, really fantastic! Life is certainly an adventure, and I agree with all you’ve said, that the challenges and triumphs no matter which road you choose are altogether unique and exciting in their own way. Going with the flow in my experience always leads you precisely where you need to be.

    Thank you for sharing…and for perhaps further prompting my urge to travel more.

    All the best to you.


  • Onechaim

    Dear Vos-de Waels: We love you and miss you! It was fun to have been a tiny part of one of your adventures in the United States. I found your business card under a huge pile I sifted through yesterday and placed it right next to my computer. I just read your blog wondering about our family’s adventure as I try to block out my husband walking in the room, the circle saw right outside our window, and David clacking as he is doing his math. We entered a homeschooling adventure was my first thougth. I am glad our paths crossed already several years ago as your family lived in Houston. It was short but sweet. We became close quickly. OK, I’m adapting to changing circumstance. I have to check math. Love Karin

    • Renée Vos de Wael

      Lieve Stronkies! We miss you too. What a great connection we have. Your homeschooling is an amazing adventure. I’m so impressed the way you have set it up and keep your boy’s on track. Lots of kisses from all of us. Love Renee

  • Cynthia Ann Tanner

    Thank you Renee, I enjoyed your post very much. You are living quite an awesome adventure through life. I to believe I am on an awesome adventure. Seems I had forgotten how awesome life was after living in the same little town for almost 30 years, but at 51 my life seems to be taking off again. Moved to a new state around new people, not even sure where my life is truly heading, but that is part of what is making the adventure even more awesome to me. Love & Hugs

  • sufilight

    Renee, good article, enjoyed reading this! Life definitely is an adventure, no matter what we do or where we are, as everyday offers new experiences, it can inner shifts.

  • Robin Duff

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you for the connect and yep, there’s probably a kind of synergy in what we are both doing. I’ve always told people that my life is a fantastic adventure which it is. Can’t wait to launch my project. It’s always the fine points that stall things a little, but that’s ok. Everything in its own time.

    Love and light meantime


  • Anastasia Lappo

    I loved this article! This is exacltly what life is about to me. I love and appreciate every day of my life, because there’re so many things to be grateful for. Every moment of our life is an adventure. The most beautiful thing about it is it’s been created by ourselves. So, when we use the word “Adventure”, it’s our mental attitude and that mental picture which we associate with it. To some, it’s a journey to a foreign country, to others everyday trips to any supermarket can be an adventure! Closing your eyes and going deep within yourself is an adventure… it’s always full of new discoveries and depths of your consciousness. Great to share with you all 🙂

    Love and blessings,
    Anastasia xxx

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