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An AMAZING 2015!

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for your support in 2014! I love you all and it makes me so humble that you take your time to read my blog, to work with me ( I hope we’ll do more off in 2015) and to share your thoughts with me.

I like to share with you some gifts to start the new year very energised. :). To say a BIG thank you, namaste.

First gift is a complete meditation training for you. To start your practice and make sure that your daily meditation practice is here to stay with you.  Just click here

Second gift is a joint effort. Always wanted to learn all about your energy levels and how to use them wisely? This is your chance!

Together with my dear friend  & colleague Elaine Conneely we’ve created Sanctuary Session. We share free sessions to support you. This year we like you to start of with a lot of energy to go around. Our session “Energy bankrupt to energy BOOM”. Is just that, for you to start 2015 with the right flow and to stay in it.  Just click here to start yours

Lots of love,


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